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    @bmxmom156 wrote:

    i like it …but how would that work with such small classes? most have 4 kids racing in class(at the most) now you drop 1 that makes 3 in a main?

    any thoughts on this? the less combinig= smaller pure classes= less kids in a main. cant have 2 man mains that kind of defeats the purpose.

    Go back and look at the championship results and see how many 2 or 3 man motos there were.

    If you put a main in the mix, than I am sure most kids would want to be in the main just like at a national.


    unless you dont drop anyone if there is only 1 group in that class? let everyone go to the main?? thoughts?


    How does Florida do it? Their states series is harder than the national level with more people. Some people don’t even bother going to nationals because they see the state series as a bigger accomplishment

    The biggest draw or drawback for me and the NBL, is the fact that it is about consistent results. You need to score well all your motos and races to win. It isn’t about getting 1 good lap in to win. The ABA Redline cup is a nice series but sometimes the winner just got lucky wish takes away from those that really earned it.

    And I use the word drawback for the fact that I take full advantage of the ABA qualifying system, and I am too far out of shape to race 3 motos.


    The problem that you have in this day and age is that there is not enough riders to support the multitude of classes that they have at the local level.
    It is in effect, pardon the word, stupid.
    To make racing more of what it should be, you have to have less proficiency levels, and put the kids together in age brackets to begin with.
    6 under nov
    6 under ex
    7-9 nov
    7-9 ex
    10-12 nov
    10-12 ex
    13-15 nov
    13-15 ex
    16-18 nov
    16-18 ex…

    If you have 35+ classes and at most 70 riders per race….
    well…what is the point of racing?

    Barring my class idea, I would do the following if I were in charge…so if anyone ever thinks “hey Brett should be in charge” you might wanna sit down.

    * 4 tracks, each track hosts one qualifier
    * A rider must race 3 qualifiers, those 3 count towards your standing.
    * You do not have to race locals to get a state plate, it is up to individual tracks to get their rider counts up. Get to work, it’s a business.
    * Single points for each qualifier.
    * Triple points for the final.
    * You are pointed as you finish.
    * If you are combined with another class you still get pointed as per your proficiency.
    1st nov 1st place nov points
    2nd ex 2nd place ex points
    3rd nov 3rd place nov points

    It’s time for everyone to grow up and realize that, yes, in life, sometimes you lose.

    BMX racing is the sport you get when you leave the parents completely in control of something that they have never done. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it is true.
    Remember what I talked about a couple years ago, “my child syndrome”. What’s best for one’s person child, no, it’s what’s best for all.


    Ok, heres my take. Qualifiers need to count for something. You don’t want to have 4 races that all you need to do is show up for so you can race the championship, then why have qualifiers (maybe that is a bad name?).
    SO, require 4 locals and 3 qualifiers in order to be in the championship standings. (maybe count 6 or more locals and 4 qualifiers). Then when you get to the state championship race, reset the points based on standings, but with a set increment between each so that everyone has a chance to move up or down. Maybe take the top 8 (if there are 8!) and point them 800, 700, 600 etc. down to 100 for 8th in the standings. If you are below 8th place, you start with 0 points. Maybe someone can work on what the points would be for the champ race. I would think 8th place shouldn’t be able to get to 1st, but everyone has something to gain or lose…but not the whole pot. Isn’t this sort of how NASCAR runs the end of the season?

    This makes sense to me, anyone else?


    BMX Terrorist

    Ok, when did Loren become the resident comedian?! 😆


    how do they do this crap in florida.. they seem to have the state series running good



    We need to get to the point where other states say “How are they doing it in jersey?”


    @justSTOPit! wrote:

    OMG, Stop belly aching!!

    Stop the nonsense!!

    Why not just throw everyone of the same age on the gate and race for the plate. To hell with proficiencies. Race it out!

    There you go, proficiency freeze problem solved.

    we are just throwing out ideas, thats all, with hopes of making the racing fair and competitive with an eye on continuously growing the sport.


    Get more riders into the sport and everyone will have their own class.

    So do you try and make just the state series better or do you make BMX better and in turn make the states better??


    Kev, even if you get more riders, I WILL STILL HAVE NO CLASS 😆


    Dont worry Bill, I already emailed Clayton and Bob T to add the 21 and Over Keg class. It will be a side hack class, but instead of having some guy hanging on, you’ll be racing with a keg. The goal is to win the race without spilling a drop, with optional refreshment stops. The corner marshalls union is already in favor of it and have volunteered to help lighten the kegs at every turn. —


    Does the overall winner get everyone elses kegs ?



    Keep it on subject or start a new topic.

    The subject is Maximum amount of qualifiers, locals and points for state – not keg racing……Thanks


    sorry about the hijack, just having some fun.

    Now back to our regular scheduled program already in process…

    I do believe we are on track and have lots of good ideas here, now its just a matter of getting a SIZEABLE group to back this at the state meeting.

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