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    A lot of the topics on here are locked lately. Why? With me being an outsider it looks to me like you guys are up to something that we (the people that can’t read the post) shouldn’t be a part of or know what’s going on. I feel that you are doing the same thing you claim the track and board members are doing by not letting everyone read your post. What is the big secret? You have some good ideas but you are going about it the wrong way.

    I feel this is why you have state meeting canceled.


    whats a locked topic?

    pardon my ignorance to such techy things


    Can you read any of the topics under Council Discussions?


    Interesting observation imwatchin.
    I think you are referring to the council discussion topics.
    I did lock the eht threads but that was just to chill out some of the people who were getting pretty hot…
    As far as the council stuff goes, that is a few men and women who have expressed a sincere interest in helping BMX in NJ.
    They needed a place to discuss things that have been bothering them for some time and it was given.
    Jeff Morgan once said to me, “we need to talk alone this isn’t for everyone’s ears”.
    Well, some times other people need to talk alone besides the board.
    For those on the board or who run tracks and come here, we aren’t sitting in there doing anything other than thinking of ways to make BMX better in NJ.
    Where do you think the jersey ideas got started?
    How to make the nbl bend to what we need and not what they need?
    Basically it is this and this is honesty.
    A LOT of people look at the tracks and the board in NJ as being very secretive, there are few meetings, people aren’t well informed on things.
    I decided for a change to turn things about and make some people feel what it’s like to have someone else be secretive, even when the only secret is “what can we do to make BMX better and fix the current state of things”.
    By cancelling a state meeting it only worsens the whole “secrecy” thing.
    We’re gonna have a get together that day anyway, not too far from CJ, all are invited.
    You’ll probably hear a lot about what is discussed in the “locked” topics.
    Come on out, it’ll be a fun time.


    Bmiddaugh I think that is a good idea. Get all your info and questions inline so you can present it to the board in a professional manner. I think you will get more respect that way.


    I feel I have the best minds in here, so if someone comes up with an intelligent idea.
    I’m down with it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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