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    This picture I took at the national on Saturday. It was my home track. It was the day I was supposed to show the west coast guys that east coast guys were fast too in 16X. But the day before I crashed in Flemington (in practice) and missed the entire summer.

    I have more pictures from the race but no scanner. Copied this with my camera.
    Jeff Kosmala leading into turn 2 a sweeper.
    Inside move is Robinsons Bobby Woods. 85 sneaking a peek behind Kos is Anthony Sewell on Jag. New Jersey had two Jag factory riders, Amon Emeka and Steve Cohen. Bryan Curnell is in the middle along with Scott Clark? Taking up the back of the pack is two NJ Pros, Mark Flores (Brielle Cyclery) and Alan Jessat (Thruster). Not sure who the Panda rider is, maybe Jimmy Woodworth? Anyone know?


    Hey Eric I was working with a guy who said his home track was Lawrenceville. Does Dave Griffith ring a bell?


    Nope. My friends at the track were just a few locals. Paul Smith was older like me. Bob Ongradi (I think) and another friend. Here is a pic of Bob and friend whom I gave my Torker jersey too. his name escapes me. I gave up the jersey when Langley’s added me in 1980.
    I was friends with just one other Trenton rider, but cant remember his name only he lived in apartments not to far from where Hamilton Square and Whitehorse areas meet.
    I never hung out with anyone person or group at the races but rather talked to tons of people everyone from Chris Williams to Chris Blondek and of course all the guys my age (16Xs and Pros).

    This is not a scanned photo but copied with my digital camera

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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