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    they wanna buy a laptop because the state runs off eht’s right now.
    Seems like a fine idea.
    Shouldn’t be more than 400-600 dollars for what they need.
    if they try to pull that bullshit of letting nancy and janeen dictate what we need at the meeting, I am going to rain holy IT hell on them.
    Also this expense will NO DOUBT be over 500 so it needs to be VOTED on.
    Remind me to write this down for the meeting.
    Also no laptop today will run that archaic crap the nbl calls software. So the actual laptop we need is a used one from about 1995-96 probably about 100-200 dollars.
    Now if it is for the new software well then that is a different story.
    Guys, I deal with computers, fiber optics, web design, video all day fucking long, it’s what I did after I stopped working for my dad as a mason. So when anyone tries to lay some slick bullshit on you, I can straighten everyone out on the real deal.
    again janeen is supposed to hand in registration and nancy keeps the books straight.
    They are not to run the WHOLE state.
    Nor dictate how meetings are to go.


    But They Do!!! And worry about brownies, and hot cocoa


    wtf is this brownies and hot cocoa shit?
    is this posted someplace?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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