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    I am a rookie team manager. And today i confronted the KB team manager about the eht situation. (we all know the story) I asked to hear his side. Now i did not witness the incident but have been told by reliable people what happened. he told me (I am going off memory because THE DOG WAS TICKED) It was going good till he said “YOU PEOPLE FROM JERSEY” then I lost it. No I did not set the perfect example, but this guy is a jerk.

    He went on to say that because of the godino kid we got last and that it was a setup because she is now on another team. I told him you still were wrong, you handeled the situation like a real professional(sarcastically) then he says my team is so big blah blah(all i could see is red at this point.) He says don’t come to my new track. (He is looking to get an indoor track) I was kinda fuming at his point. I told him “DON’T COME BACK TO JERSEY” Stay the f*** out. Yes I apoligize for dropping the f bomb. but I was really gone at this point.

    Did i set the perfect example, no I yelled and hollerd,and for that i apologize. But When i see something wrong and a person that is telling false truth’s about a situation, i get heated.

    btw on his flyer (Willscan and post it later on tonight) It says it is not all about winning. Well we know by his actions that is a lie. It occurs to me some you reading this may say “ant is just shooting off his big mouth” Well to those that know me well you know that i really love this sport and have made alot of freinds. Yes I joke around (tbg, etc) But like the rest of you (this is for the lurkers) MY HEART AND SOUL ARE INTO THIS SPORT. And i do not intend on going anywhere for long time. So you better get used to seeing me at the track and if their is a problem or someting that is being done wrong. Me and a whole lot of us will be there to fix it

    BTW despite the crap that went on. today was a real good day. had alot og fun.hell I got GARY POLLACK on video.

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