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    Watch this video.
    I post this cause alot of do alot of traveling and do not have time to change our own oil. This is in CA. but who is to say they are not doing it here.



    I used to be in the auto parts biz, and we knew who the “dirty” shops were. We had a one shop that started buying alot of spray cans of specific engine paints. We later found out they would tell the customer they needed a water pump, take it out, clean it off, paint it, and re-install it, and then charge them for a new pump. This was 20 years ago when alot of pumps were still easy to take out.

    But, to see a major chain like this get snagged, wow. Sears got snagged like this about 10 years ago. The undercover folks would remove a wire from the alternator, bring the car in, and Sears sold them a new alternator, but only fixed the lose wire. Their mechanics were commissioned at the time. This happened in NJ – and they snagged several Sears locations.


    Wow..this is funny, as it happened to me at the local JL here in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
    I’m an oil change fanatic with any of my vehicles, and I 99% of the time do them myself, but this past feb it was too dang cold out so I took the Jeep to the JL for an oil change. Little did they know that I mark all my filters with the date that I put them on….long story short, after they were done I lifted the hood and guess what they didn’t change…the filter… went back in and made them do it over, with new oil included..(They wanted to drain the new oil out and put it back in 😯 )

    Last time I go there!!


    Kevin, you guys in Pennslytuckey have cars, Man I thought you were still using horse and buggy 😯

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