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    from past meetings and the indications of the sept meeting I believe Jan will go something like this.

    Call to order.
    No doubt they will make a big deal to figure out who is representing what track. (at this point I will ask Lisa to confirm who was installed as track reps at the jan 06 meeting, it is my understanding that it was only vinny and dale from CJ, this will immediately invalidate all further action and throw into doubt what has happened during the past year)

    From what I have seen of meetings,
    Scott sits there and tries to keep order with Vinny to his side sort of mediating (no, Vinnie, other than being track rep, is not supposed to be running the meeting)
    Lisa will remain quiet unless asked a question specifically and I would also like to add she keeps very detailed meeting minutes.
    Nancy will attempt to direct the flow of the meeting as she did in November this must be counted with direct questions to people on the issues that we have to keep her off balance.
    Janeen will more than likely just about quit, she has threatened so in the past and this will probably be the last straw. Again Janeen is just clerk of course and is not needed at state meetings. (if we need a clerk of course, I will volunteer)
    Problem areas:
    1. Linda V- she has and will continue to be a source of irritation till put in her place, also if she is not on the january meeting minutes as an installed track rep than she has no voice. She will and I will guarantee this , attempt to divert attention to my site.
    2. Jeff M- Good guy, but will take several positions on things like sponsorship of njbmx site and the status quo that I know will not jive with our views. He WILL be very critical of the new njbmx site if my current feelings are correct.

    We must also come up witha course of action right now in these next few weeks that we will follow if MASSIVE changes are not made at this meeting. (I will work up by-law amendments over the following week)
    Will we
    Ask for financial records back X amount of years?
    If we are told to leave if we ask for these do we go to the IRS? This could very well mean the end of NJBMX itself, as I cannot see how an organization could be around 25 years and only have 5,000 dollars in the bank.

    2006- Cranmer – Demola
    2005- Demola
    2004- Vanderhoff
    2003- Vanderhoff
    2002- Day

    When I came in at the Feb 2005 meeting, this organization was in TOTAL disarray. The state champion jackets were not ready that far into the year from the 2004 season.
    Something went wrong someplace.


    Like Rich said yesterday, if NJBMX should dissolve at the January meeting, then we would be in a position to start a new NJBMX (with a slightly different name for legal purposes) and start anew.


    As far as starting over, here are my thoughts, WHY? we have an orginization that needs to be tweaked. What if tow or three of the officers suddenly resigned years ago, would they have started anew? NO, would have done what is needed to continue, then bring things into compliance. Just my two cents, but worrying about a complete revamping for sometihing of this size makes no sense. Rich C, even stated that this isn’t a huge sum of money or anything, so why go through all of this.
    They quit
    You pick up the peices, and do it rite from here on in


    Not starting over would be the best. If and only if we can get it together can we then move forward. I thought more about it and we can strainghten this out. If the board can get the new members then from now on everthing can be above board. As far as the new comishiner how about Brett, then make Pete in charge of marketing. Brett can help with the marketing issues. Man if these changes can happen, look out.



    That sounds ok to me, Pete has all these great ideas that he just comes out of left field with.
    I will revise the list and we can move forward.
    Craig, can you write down that great speech you came up with on sunday that made us sound like nice guys instead of people who want to just be punks?

    Rich is right, as long as you do it by the book one time out in the open, you’re all set. It’s all the monkey business so far that has brought things to this point.


    Sorry about that Bill, I should have elaborated. I was referring to the fact that IF we had to go to the extreme of nailing them on something like non-disclosure of the books, etc, then we have that option if needed. Hopefully it wont get to that like Rich said.

    It sounds like we could get track reps from HC and CJ that would be on board for evolution and change, but how do we go about getting new track reps from EHT. Is it just a matter of mobilizing enough parents and getting them to an EHT meeting so they can choose new reps more in line with moving things forward? I know a few of the parents there, its just a matter of making phone calls. Do you need to be a “member” of EHT BMX first, or just a motivated 18 or over rider and/or parent that calls it their home track?


    EHT needs to have a meeting where WE show up and shame them into putting people with new ideas as track reps.
    There is no pre-qual at CJ for that.
    As it stands there needs to be a 2/3 vote to change by-laws. I believe with HC and CJ being on board EHT will become a moot point, there only resolve being to withdraw from the state.
    Yes, it is a matter of getting a group of people, or parents over the age of 18 to get some action going on that.

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