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    Its only the local free paper called The Current that gets distributed in Atlantic County but every house gets one for free. Today i received mine at the house and there is a nice full page story about the race and a few interviews with Chris Vliet, Dieter Ward, 8 year old Ryan Scott and Dave Pawloski. There is also 5 pics of racing shots and what i like the most is that 4 of the photos are of the little guys, two pics of 5 and under rookie and two pics of the 6 year old class and a nice action shot of Hanno Esselbruegge of Manalapan catching a little air down the last straight.
    Maybe when some parents see this it may generate some new riders to the track. Its a pretty decent article, covers a bit about the state series and a little history of the track.


    Nial they are good like that. theycover that race every year.


    If you guys really loved BMX you would get Hanno a copy of that paper he is in….
    Might be a nice gesture to a guy from another country.


    Rob B.(victory fox) and dale know how to get in touch with him (i think)But rob does not come here anymore. He is better than the rest of us.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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