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    I just wanted to thank Brett for all of his hard work and let him know that he should be proud.

    We have a few of the riders from the track helping the local police department in putting on a bike safety assembly in our local elementry schools, when the assembly was over they handed out the “flyers” that Brett had made up and also showed his video.

    Last night at our normal practice night we had 4 kids show up with the flyers to give BMX a try. Well needless to say they loved it and are planning on coming back on Saturday to sign up and race…… go figure, something so easy and it works.

    We are also finishing up on some big news for the National that we are hosting in August. My wife and Tammy Warren have been hard at work with this and have used Brett’s video in helping to bring something big to our National event. I will be posting the big news later tonight…..stayed tuned.


    it’s a fluke.

    ….another one of those “idea” people.



    Yeah Glenn, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, lets keep this a secret. Thanks to you and Brett, and rest that helped do all of this ou guys will make this big. As long as we don’t turn off people with the million rules mentallity


    Great Job, Boys….. I am a parent of one of the boys participating. There were a total of 6 Boys (ages 10 – 17) who participated in the school safety program. They have scheduled a total of 8 elementary school assemblies where they along with the local police department provide PEER to PEER education about bicycle. There is no better education than PEER to PEER! The assembly lasts about 45 minutes then at the end of the presentation they do a brief 5 – 10 minutes on BMX and the local track. The flyers were placed in the school office and the students can pick them up if they choose to. What a success!!! Yesterday was the first day and we had 4 new riders!!!!! Yahoooooo!

    In addition to the assemblies our local boys also created a bicycle safety video. They are also a part of the local community bicycle rodeo. They are very involved and love what they do. So then why not share the love!!!!! —

    Success begins at the track. with positive attitude and environment comes positive response!!!!! Also…. when the boys are on the street they are recognized by the younger youth and are always acknowledged.

    Lets all get busy and share our Love — for BMX with everyone!

    Great job boys keep up the good work.


    Awesome, this is the good stuff


    I’m one of the riders doing this assembly 😀 at the schools we handed out only one set of flyers (yesterday Tuedsday May 9, 2007) and we had practice that day and today (May 10) we gave out another stack of papers to a elementry school and considering Trilogy is closed on wednesday’s we couldnt get anyone so tomorrow if the wether is good we will see a handfull of kids from todays school and then tomorrow (May 10) we have another assembly and we will see a handful of kids from that school.

    Like the topic says go figure it works….It honestly does work…IF u want to improve rider counts get these flyers and get stacks of them to put into local elementry schools…..on a second note I do think u should get a group of riders from the track and a couple kids that can do tricks become involved with a bike safety program about wearing helmets and hopefully u will see a higher increase and raise the awarness of local BMX program (aka NBL)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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