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    Check this link out OldSchool01G sent me.


    Even though it’s mostly mountainbike, this is the kind of thing we NEED in New Jersey. A place like this (or a variation) in this state couldnt be anything but a hit.


    That the thing in Ohio, I wanna get a group and go


    ohio road trip anyone?


    That’s right up my bikes ally. Wooo Hooo!!!!


    If no one else will say it. DAMN those guys are “rad”. Big ups to the mtber’s


    you should grow your hair like rev al !!! ANT


    Alot of skateparks need more then just bikes to survive, skateboard, rollerblade ,those guys bring in the money . I think that is the problem with a park that is not friendly to all .Dont get me wrong would love to see a park cool like that close to us but hard to make a buck for sure !! FACT shields pays 10 thousand a month just to rent the builing !!!!


    I drove out to Ray’s last year – that place is fun! Really good vibe and huge (80,000 sq ft) with a lot of different things to ride. The box jumps felt like trails and the ramps were on the mellow but crazy fun side. I’m hoping to get back out there again this year as it was that much fun.

    Rodney brought up some great points. To cover $10k/month is a lot of ticket sales. Rent in OH is a LOT cheaper than NJ.

    I also, like all aspects of park riding – skating, scooters (which I think is a good way for young kids to learn), and even rollerblading. I rather see kids at the park than at the football, basketball, or football field.

    Even w/ the costs, I would love to do another park in NJ. It’s something I’ve been tossing around for a while – family, work, and reality hit it soon after tho. Incline is great but I think there could be a few more parks – you see gymnastic places all over the place.

    I know vintagebmx.com isn’t the top site for some but here’s a link to a good post about an amazing looking park possibly going in TX: http://www.vintagebmx.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=21;t=000240

    If you can’t see it here are the links:


    After seeing his plans, I think an indoor/outdoor park would rock. NJ weather isn’t that bad year ’round – maybe a 10,000 ft indoor mellow street course, 10,000 ft outdoor street/ramp and an acre of fun flowy trails with some mtn bike drops and stunts (that could easily be ridden w/ a 20″ BMX bike) would be sick. Finding the location with fair rent is the issue. Condos/retail make a lot more per sq/ft unfortunately.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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