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    I, a board member, was the one who suggested the Pro-Am Series.

    No, it was me, a long time ago, and as I have show according to the by-laws Janeen has a position appointed by the state commissioner that does not carry membership in the board or voting privileges.


    State Structure NBL rules

    State Structure

    A. To further the purposes of the NBL, the Director of Competition, with the advice and consent of the Association’s Board of Trustees, is charged with the responsibility of establishing or helping to establish state or geographic organizations, referred to throughout these rules as State Associations. In addition, he may from time to time modify the boundaries between State Associations. The purpose of the State Associations is to serve as a liaison between all NBL-sanctioned local organizations (referred to as clubs in these rules) in that particular state, the NBL and that State Association shall be responsible for promoting of NBL-sanctioned bicycle racing activities in that particular state.

    B. If a particular state does not have at least one active NBL-sanctioned club within its borders, then that state may be grouped with a neighboring state until such time as it has one or more active clubs within its borders. The term “active clubâ€ÂÂ￾ is more fully defined in paragraph 4.

    C. Every club may be a member of the State Association and will be entitled to have its organization represented at any meetings of that particular State Association. However, only active clubs shall be considered to be voting members of the State Association. Each active club shall be entitled to two votes at any State Association meeting.

    D. For the purposes of these rules, an active club is one that has run at least three local NBL-sanctioned races during the current sanction year. The term three local NBL-sanctioned races means the actual organization, staging and completion of three NBL-sanctioned local organization races during any calendar year, with the intent of establishing a continuing local racing program.

    E. The NBL shall only recognize a State Association after it has established the following minimum requirements, unless these requirements are waived by the Director of Competition with the advice, consent and approval of the NBL’s Board of Trustees because the State Association is in its organizational stage. The minimum requirements are:

    1. Each State Association must form a non-profit corporation within its particular state.

    2. Each State Association must obtain a federal tax employer identification number.

    3. Each State Association must establish bylaws which must provide, in part, for one of the following alternatives in connection with the handling of the state’s funds:

    – bonding of any persons within that organization handling State Association funds or signing State Association checks;

    – if bonding of those individuals is not economically feasible, then the bylaws shall provide that two signatures are required on all of that organization’s money accounts and the two signatures cannot be persons in the same family or who are related.

    4. Each State Association’s bylaws must provide for a minimum of two corporate officers who cannot be the same individual, specifically a minimum of Commissioner (who may also be President) and a Secretary/Treasurer.

    F. Upon creation of a State Association, the Director of Competition, with the advice, consent and approval of the Board of Trustees of the NBL, may appoint a Commissioner for the operations of that state’s association with the understanding that within a reasonable period of time thereafter, an actual non-profit corporate association will be formed as required by these rules. It shall be the responsibility of each State Association to:

    1. Elect a Commissioner and other officers of the non-profit state corporation, such as President, Secretary and Treasurer.

    2. Consider proposed plans, policies and other matters referred to the state by the Board of Trustees of the NBL.

    3. Consider ways of improving the quality of BMX racing in the state and identify the need for services.

    4. Assist in planning for the state series and other events state-wide for purposes of establishing a system to determine the state-wide standings and rankings for racers. The minimum guidelines for a state series are:

    a. There must be at least two (2) or more State Qualifiers.

    b. There must be a designated State Champi onship. The top 15 plate winners from each age class must be submitted to the NBL office immediately after the State Championship for President’s Cup qualification.

    c. Riders are required to attend two or more local races (it is up to the state whether or not they want to designate the points towards the State Series).

    d. State Series must be open to all NBL members.

    5. Perform such other duties as may be delegated by the Board of Trustees of the NBL.

    6. No State Associations or officer shall make any rule that interferes upon or conflicts with any contract between the NBL and any club.

    7. Regular meetings of the State shall be held at least two times each year, at such time and place as may be determined by that state’s association. Notice of the time and place of regular meetings shall be given to all members. Special meetings shall be called in accordance with the bylaws of that state’s association, and notice of the time and place and purpose of special meetings shall be given to each member of that Association with not less than 24 hours notice before the meeting. No other business shall be transacted at a special meeting except that for which the meeting has been called.

    8. A majority of the active clubs within a State Association shall be represented to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

    9. There shall be a Commissioner elected at the annual meeting of each State Association. The meeting must be held on a regular annual interval as specified in the state’s bylaws. In the event of a vacancy, the position may be filled for a term of one year or until their successor is elected.

    10. The Commissioner shall be responsible for guiding the members of the state in their responsibilities as set forth in these rules, and for the racing program within that particular state. The Commissioner shall participate in meetings of Commissioners and shall be a delegate to Competition Congress. He shall carry out other such duties as delegated by the Director of Competition for the purposes of promoting, fostering and organizing NBL-sanctioned activities.

    11. The Commissioner shall further be responsible for discharging the duties and undertaking the responsibilities as set forth in the Commissioner’s job description as promulgated by the NBL’s Board of Trustees from time to time. In addition to these responsibilities, the Commissioner shall provide to the NBL office the following:

    a. The state’s bylaws.

    b. Federal tax identification number.

    c. A yearly list of the state’s officers, addresses and phone numbers.

    d. A copy of the minutes of the annual meeting.

    e. A yearly financial statement of the State Association.

    f. A yearly list of the clubs with voting rights in the State Association.

    12. Each State Association’s bylaws must provide that the Commissioner may be removed from office only by a vote of two thirds of that State Association’s membership. In addition, the Commissioner may be removed from office by the Director of Competition of the NBL, with the approval of the NBL Association’s Board of Trustees.

    13. It is not the intention of the NBL to establish each State Association as a subsidiary, affiliated entity or agent of the NBL. The State Associations shall not be considered as such, and it is merely the intention of these rules to establish certain minimum criteria for each State Association before they will be recognized by the NBL for the purposes set forth.

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