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    post your thoughts on how you would do it. these are mine (please keep this post serious thanx)

    1. no national #1 rookies

    2. less nationals

    3. I would get ny head out of my ass and call “the other sanction” and say hey let’s not make our nationals on the same weekend. This way we can make the sport grow.

    4. I would not outright ban clips, but i would “encourgae” riders to use flats.

    5. Get rider feedback after every national. To see how we can make the next race even better.

    6. Mass market and promote the hell out of racing.

    7.I would have a “riders council” to keep my ear to the track. )I would want to know what the riders were thinking.

    8. My main focus would be constant promotion, (how can we make it better for the riders.

    That is all i can think of for now. oh yeah I would have actual racers working with me (people who have a clue)

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