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    to try and promote and move all forms of BMX in a positive direction in NJ. Adam Guild came on late last year and immediately gave me lots of love and input, which is why he is here.
    Rich Farside just goes out and immediately starts promoting the site after talking to me like one time, means a lot to me.
    Then all the rest of you guys start moving in and it’s happening.
    Ideas are flowing, bickering is commencing and people are getting their voices heard.
    In one week with basically one post Anthony Brown (Ant-Dog) has made everyone start thinking.
    Now it’s time to start doing.
    I’m tired tonight and even with all the nutty stuff that is going on here at the moment, I think I see in the next couple months some incredibly positive stuff going on because of this rocky start.
    Thanks, to everyone.
    From all the average riding dude and dudettes who look up to those in charge.


    this website fuking rules!!!

    just like thoser damn little kids bikes..


    i think i spend more time on this website then myspace.com


    and all those gay porn sites

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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