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    The two biggest tracks in NJ BITD were Howell and Braddock.
    Howell- NBL – Gleasons
    Braddock- ABA – Jim Cerullo

    Gleason – Cerullo – bike shop owners and business people.
    (I should add that the Gleasons ran BW VERY succesfully and JV Cycles is STILL in business today.)
    Now they were from 2 “competing sanctions”, but ya know what they did to jack with the tardo sanctions?
    Call each other and be sure that when they had big races they scheduled them opposite each other…
    Howell has War of the Stars one weekend, Braddock has Triple Pointer the following and visa versa.
    They PLAYED off each other. Pulling riders in and keeping them racing in NJ.
    Now if the current players in BMX in NJ get their act together we can show people how to do things right.
    I KNOW that Diane and Bill will be down to make things work out and promote, and I HOPE that everyone else is.
    Remember folks the MEDIA exists for BMX in NJ now and we are bias to one thing and that is…


    now that scotty’s parents own the shop in howell.. hopefully scotty will promote it alot more and get all the kids who ride street to come down and check out the race action.. scotty should definitly race


    20,000 flyers in school districts and pizza parlors will get people to the track.
    Scott and the Cranmers are great people and will keep the kids coming back.


    Even though I am Sponsored by another shop,I will try promote the new shop too. Because if not for them, we would not have a track. Hell I can’t wait till sunday. dialing in the bike right now.


    Well before Braddock and Howell were the top tracks in NJ the top dogs were Vineland (Ran by the Zeuners who also ran a bike shop, it ran under 3 different sanctions) and Craigmeur which was NBA at its peak and then went to ABA just before closing I think.

    Your point is well taken though, tracks regardless of sanction should work together. Not just the Jersey tracks but PA, DE, MD, CT and NY also.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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