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    because I keep hearing it brought up.
    When you were a kid what peaked your interest in BMX?
    I remember seeing BMX Action and seeing the stuff in there and saying, that is the SH*T!…of course I was already blasting trails at my house to begin with but anyway my point is…

    I hear a lot of people keep saying, you need to have a lot of little kids and families having a good time at the races in promo stuff.

    But I don’t remember any of that being what drew me to BMX, it was all about what “the big kids” were doing. That pulled me in.
    If I was a ten-14 year old and someone showed me a picture or vid of a bunch of moms and dads and 8 year olds rolling jumps, I woulda been…not into it.
    My mentality is, you have to appeal to the young kid and what they are aspiring to most of all, that is the key, to make it look cool to them.
    If they say, HEY!!!! I wanna try this, then the parental units come out, meet us and say, wow that’s great, then we did it.
    That is why I don’t focus on parents, it’s all about the riders, the kids on the bike.
    I remember being that 12 year old kid and what influenced me to do this.
    Ya gotta think like the kid who is gonna look at this stuff does.
    Smiling happy families are not gonna make a kids eyeballs go, yea yea, I want to try that.
    Doing something that looks cool and different will.
    You all have to trust me on this.

    As a side note, this is post is not to bust anyone’s chops, and I would like feedback from all the guys and gals on what made them peek into BMX in the first place.
    And finally, I can’t be swayed from my positions anymore. I gotta start making a stand on what I think should be done and that’s the way it is.
    Who loves ya baby!, LOL


    Case in point.
    Phil Delizia.
    Every kid at CJ wants to be that guy.
    They look up to him.
    They believe in him.
    The kids need heroes.
    You show them some heroes worth believing in and you got them hooked.


    2 words: Scotty Cranmer!

    P.S. i want to be Phil Delizia when i grow up —


    growing up in the “hood” of plainfeild new jersey. There were these trails in n.p. that got me hooked. I know you know where they are. Across from home owners heaven on rote 22. I had some of my best summers at that place. We had it set up nice. I used to look up to the older guys who raced. Now i realize that alot of em were only a few years older than me. I am still freinds with one of em.


    actually, yeah, now that you mention it, it was two older riders doing that got me into it


    Well when you look at freestyle. They are not showing parents in their promotions. and free style is doing way better then racing right now as far as being spotlighted
    Just an observation…


    Never even thought of that.


    To local kids on the cw team were my idols


    Does everyone begin to see why I “promote” this the way I do?


    Case in point.
    Phil Delizia.
    Every kid at CJ wants to be that guy.

    i can think of a few adults that wouldn’t mind being that guy!!!!!!

    nah– i wanted to be like my brother– he never really raced …but him and his friends could ride thier asses off. also, eric plum and pogi tortorice from the action wheels team lived near me– i would go over eric’s house and ride his skyway ta on his rollers– just for fun—how strange i was. always looked up to lenny norfleet, and even caveman… dustbowl days baby, dustbowl.

    gotta roll


    Looked up to Caveman? Lenny? I never lost a race at the dustbowl as far as I remember. Man, cruiser riders get no love 🙁
    But maybe u left before I moved back to NJ for 89/90. Cause the AW guys you mentioned weren’t on the team when me and Dave ran it.

    Yeah the older kids on my street got me into BMX. In fact I bought the one neighbors Schwinn stingray after reading my first copy of BMX Action. I started buying parts for it from Guys Bike shop. They had a pretty good selection of BMX even in 1978.

    But it was a TV commercial that got me to go to my first race. I didn’t knww that there were any BMX tracks on the East Coast till that commercial. Guy’s Bike Shop didn’t have a single flyer to a local track or I woulda started sooner. In fact I think in 1978 I went to the Yardley, PA Trenton (on Olden Av) and Hamilton Square (Rt 33), NJ Schwinn dealers and didn’t see a single race flyer while I was looking for parts for my Stingray.

    4 bike shops less then 2 hours from 4 BMX tracks, they all had Schwinn BMX parts I still have the Schwinn Catalog from that year, but not one promoted the BMX tracks.

    BMX got big in spite of apathy. Just goes to show you the power of riding a BMX bike.


    I was not so much “inspired” by anyone, really I was just told that I was going to race. After being kicked out of brownies, cheerleading, gymnastics, and having meetings with the principal all by 3rd grade, my mom told me I was going to race bmx….after getting into a fight with one of the girls sisters in staging at my first race, I was hoooked! However it was definately my older brother and his friends that kept me doing it over the years…I think if you put promo stuff in detention hall, juvie, and anger mgt classes we’d have a great turn out! BMX…it worked for me..


    BMX appeals to kids who want to go against the grain, not conformists.


    Jason Richardsons brother Karim brought a BMX PLUS on the bus on the way to school one day. Yes we went to the same school when they lived in EHT. From that point I was hooked. If I remember right Karim and JR were both there that night I started racing. Over 24 years ago and Im still hooked. I wanted to be like Farside. Fast as hell and winnin everywhere. My dad would read all of my mags and wondered who Rich was. and when he finally seen him race he was in a trance for days. he would say Rich was flawless. We would be in Vineland, Rich would show up for practice , my dad would stand up, drop his Racing Form(yes he is an avid handycapper of the ponys), stand thier in aw and watch every move he made on the track. I dont want to be like him right now. Sorry Rich I know Im better lookin and have a full head of hair when I want to grow it. 😆


    Remember yuo were talking about a PROMOTIONAL video, not a highlight real. Believe me , if I buy Transit 9 and its full of little kids and moms kissing thier kids, I’d be piised and ask for my money back.
    The NBL just released a new promo video that they are sending to all the tracks and it is perfect for promoting the sport, and a great example of how you should make a PROMO video.

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