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    Sunday it was like 90 here. I had some time to kill and thought about taking out the Cruiser to check out the vacant lot near me I saw kids riding a week ago.
    Maybe they built a jump. But we havent had rain in a year. (We officially set the record on July 1 for the driest year ever in Cal). I was like naw its too hot to ride.
    Then I said what would the gang at Broken Spokes do. So I pumped some air in the front tire and rode over.
    They had just scopped a bit of dirt from the embankement to make a small left handed jump. I said what the hell and even jumped it a few times, probably never getting more then a foot of air. Road the dirt lots only roller a few times and then hit the river trail for a mile or two. 30 minutes later I was heading back up the hill to my house.
    You guys got me off my… it was fun.




    sounds like fun.


    Tom I even bought a membership in 05 and did gates in 05 a few times and liek once in 06 and once at Flemington in 06. But the tracks out here are wayyy to hard. Death traps for us older riders. It wasnt even fun to do gates, the first straight has like 4 sets of jumps and none are easy. One of my pet peeves is the first jump on tracks. IMO it should be the easiest jump on the track. It should only server to help separate the pack and get you into a rhythm to jump some.

    Dont get me wrong I can probably hit my local tracks first jump 9 times at full speed and not crash. But just one crash on a tall jump like that can stop me from going to work and paying all my bills. Its not about balls only anymore, now i have to worry about my credit score.

    The tracks are just stupid and I’m not gonna support them with my money. BMX is supposed to be fun not scary.


    i was just kidding about growing a pair,I know how you feel.egg harbor isnt too bad,not really anything scary.im just trying to get up enough balls now to jump the first jump.but it can be rolled over,where do you live in cal?


    hahaha eric.. the tracks are way more tame then they were in the 80’s fo sho…

    bmx is way to safe these days

    the only scary thing about bmx now is idiots stuck to their pedals


    hahaha eric.. the tracks are way more tame then they were in the 80’s fo sho.

    Howell had 5 jumps tops in the 80’s.
    Braddock… about the same.
    Track’s jumps are way crazier now.


    haha.. they might be bigger.. but man the tracks are so much safer..i miss the tracks that had tires around the track.. you go off the track and blam.. youre done




    Yeah I raced in every decade but our current one.
    The 80s was way easier and more fun. I’m looking at photos of tracks from the early 70s even before my time, some had no jumps at all over 1 or 2 feet tall and still 100-200 kids would show. I guess those kids didnt know you have to progress in order to have fun on your bike.

    I havent raced EHT since it was ABA and called Bargaintown. I did do gates back there when I was with Hyper, someone eve said I announced a time or two but dont remember that lol.

    Todays EHT looks wayyy harder then it used to be. One slip up now and you can easily visit ER. Of course Bargaintown didnt have blacktop turns either, so what did we know back then.

    Look at this track from 1977

    I’d do a track like that, add a few more jumps and bam – kicked up a notch and tasting good.


    yes, the track in the pic looks SICK.. dangerous for sure.. and i live for that


    lets keep the positive spin on this–

    way to go eric– it’s been a few days since your original post– so how many times since then have you been out?

    get out there– get rad, have fun, you’re on a bmx bike and that’s all that matters



    BMX rules, havin more fun now than ever!!!! If it wasn’t for the trails thing, I think I would have gotten out of this


    bmx definitly rules.. and if it werent for my friends in bmx.. i would have prolly quit also…

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