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    Okay after some thought I have something to say. To anyone that thinks I am just a “tag along friend of brett’s” you are wrong. Brett and I have been freinds for many years and he has stuck by me through thick and thin. I love this sport and brett has given me a reason to stand by it.

    Second. Some people here might look at me and say “He never wins but he talks crap” Well guess what I have always been one to talk crap and I am not changin for anyone. Yeah I am gonna turn expert, Do i care what ANYONE thinks? Do you have to ask?

    3rd. I am really ticked off at a certain parent. I will not aww fudge it. Derosa (sr) (I have no problem with the son) Went to brett and asked him to tell me to stop talking about Phil. Sir you showed me NO RESPECT by going to brett. So I am now showing you the same. Why would I not promote a local rider who is at the top of his game right now.If phil (who is not one of my “freinds”) said he had a problem with it I would say fine. But why do you?

    Finnally I want to thank all the freind’s who have been by my side when I have acted like an a**. V. mannino & scotty C (sr) Janeen the heaths and a few others on the board I have ALOT of respect for you although it may not seem like it. Some of you may not like me, some may, but I am here for the duration. Oh and this goes out to a special someone. I have no kids but I will be at every state meeting that i can get to. Why because i care.


    Don’t dwell on negativity.


    😯 long live BMX

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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