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    Just for the record, wanted everyone know that Starwin Mortgage is no longer in business.

    For what its worth, I am a sponsor of the ProAm, as in “Craig Wilson with Starwin Mortgage”. Starwin the company did not put any money into this.

    I don’t expect the ProAm posters to be changed (ha-ha), or anything like that, but just wanted it to be known that I will continue as a sponsor of the ProAm (the check was already cashed, lol), but officially as Craig Wilson with IndyMac Bank, FSB.

    For those that are curious, my old office affiliated themselves with another bank, but I was offered the opportunity to join one of the top mortgage producing teams in the country (which recently alligned itself with IndyMac). Basically I was a free agent playing for a mid market team and I just joined the Yankees.


    This infomercial is brought to you by Craig Wilson…….who really cares.


    gee, it’s amazing that BMX racing even exists when I look at how well everyone gets along.
    It really doesn’t matter if it’s parents, riders or numbnuts in charge…

    None of you can work together, ’cause if you could there would be
    some new tracks in NJ.


    i believe that this was not simply a shameless plug– but rather to keep people from saying “what was that mortgage company name at the track? oh… starwin– lets look them up and give them a call…..honey, says they went out of buisness?!?!?!?!?”

    so now everyone knows who they need to talk to if they so desire.

    fact of the matter is, Craig sponsors at least 1 track– i could have sworn he sponsored two– but i could be wrong. he also sponsors the hyper pro am from 2 diffent angles– ghp/atomlab, as well as the mortgage thing. so he gets all the shameless plugs he wants


    Craigs sponsorsip, is greatly appreciated


    Thank you all.

    I will say this, wannabee has a cool avatar! One of the best ones on the site for sure! (and I am being serious)


    We will make sure that the new name is put on the release that we will do before the championship race and will try to have it announced. Nothing we can do with the poster, but you probally figured that out.

    Hope the change is a good one, we will see everyone at the championship race.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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