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    Basically this way.
    You need to have served on the board in some capacity for at least 2 years.
    He has been HC track rep for more than that.
    Dale BEGGED Vinny to step up but Vinny has other things on his plate and felt he couldn’t do it.
    Vinny also felt HC should have a person on the board.
    So a vote was taken and he was nominated and elected.
    HOW..I have no idea.
    There should have been this many people there.
    State Comish- 1 vote
    Treasurer- 1 vote
    Secretary- 1 vote
    2 track reps from each track- 6 votes
    There were not 9 people in those seats.
    Again- clerk is not a board position.

    Does it matter if tracks are fully represented on a state board? Shouldn’t it be people who have the BEST INTEREST OF ALL OF BMX ?

    Now don’t get me wrong, Mr. F is a real nice guy and I mean that! But as far as a driving force to push BMX racing in new and amazing directions.
    I’m sorry but it’s true.


    I’m an HCBMX guy, and to tell the truth, I would have had us not as repesented as well, I mean what would the board do? Nothing to hurt a track, but to have someone who can’t think out of the box, and it seems after hearing some of the comments made, his box isn’t very big to begin with, is wrong


    I would sooner cut my balls off then think of ways to hurt any track in NJ. What have we been doing here all year but trying to make things better?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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