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    Some of us sat for long periods of time, just dreaming of the perfect nickname to be bestowed with. Others, like myself, avoided the gallery of crap people spewed at them, in hopes that something would stick. If you have one, how did you “earn” your nickname?” Unfortunately for me, I was too sick to duck that day, and look what happened. Animal. What a stupid name.

    It was at the Pittsburg National, I think in 1985 or 86. After practice, I did my lucky dance that never seemed to keep me out of stacked motos (I think a certain competitor’s mother was good at thwarting my luck in that arena, but that’s another story.). We went back to the hotel, cleaned up and our family and the Nalducci’s met downstairs to weigh our dinner options. As it turned out, there was a “all-you-can-eat” pasta buffet in one of the banquet halls. Mark Nalducci, myself, and my brother, honed in on the buffet. I don’t know what my sister and our parents did.

    Five or six heaping plates (no lie, each plate measured a good five inches tall), I left victorious, or so I thought. Mark and I cruised the hall for chicks (lilke we’d know what to do when we came across one.), and I got sick, sicker, and even sicker with every step I took. I crapped out and went back to the room before the sun set.

    I woke up the following morning in even worse shape than I was the night before. I almost had to be carried to the van. My father chewed me out for eating so much, but I don’t think it was the food. Somehow, I caught a flu-type bug, but no one would believe me.

    We arrived at the track, and did the usual prep. work. My father got the motos for my brother and I, and I think I tried to practice. That didn’t work. Instead, I returned to the van and plopped my dead arse into a lawn chair, which is where I stayed until about 25 motos before mine came up.

    I raced each moto with one thing in mind – going back to sleep. I won the first moto, got second the second one, and won the last one. I transfered out of my 1/8 semi, my 1/4, got into the semi, and eventually, the main. I placed seventh, but I think I was the only NJ rider in our class in the main that day, so a seventh place finish had a special ring to it, especially since I was so sick that day.

    I hadn’t seen my friend, Mark’s dad Larry until after my main. When I did, he was all smiles, as were my family and friends. But little did I know that Mr. Nalducci’s smile went a little further than my meager accomplishment.

    “Hey, look here. It’s George the Animal Salzmann, back from tearingf up the track today,” he said.

    “He should eat too much pasta more often,” my father chimed in.

    I gave them both a happy to see you too glare, and promptly found my seat and my cold towel. Jeff Lamb, who was sitting with us at the time, chuckled.

    “It’s the animal,” he taunted.

    “You’re lucky I can’t get up, Jeff,” was all I could say. I just wanted to go back to sleep.

    “Animal, he he,” a pip-squeaked voice behind me chimed in. It was my brother, John. I ignored him, threw the towel over my head, and did my best to ignore the teasing.

    But alas, it was no use. Like every other name I had been given in the past, I figured if I ignored it long enough, it would go away. I was wrong. You see, Larry Nalducci was a NBL anouncer who just adored the name he had coined for me. Like stink on a dirty sweat-sock, it stuck and 20 years later, it’s still here.


    I gave myself the nickname “Keystone Kid”
    Although I raced mostly in NJ my house was on the PA side of the river.
    I got the idea from Kevin Mcneals “Corona Kid”.

    I had 3 letters published between 79-81 in “Bicycle Mototcross Action” first one I just signed “Keystone Kid” second one i signed both the nickname and my real name. Last one just my real name. One asked about SAL Zeuner (it was the issue he got the cover), One was a poem and the last was I think asking about east coast coverage but I lost all my mags so I cant look it up.

    The name never stuck. Now I just like to be called Stud or Your Highness but those dont seem to stick either.


    I have had this nickname for years. Did not like it at first but it grew on me.


    Near the house I grew up in Morris Township, NJ, there was a pit jump back in the woods formed out of a drainage / runoff stream to a lake that had since been emptied. We used to stack tires up and see who could clear the most blasting out of the pit.

    Well, in time I became the king of tire jumping, I think we got it up to 8,9 maybe 10 tires high.

    Well one day me and some of the guys I rode with were heading down there and some locals were already there, one looks at me and says “hey, here comes that Crazy Craig kid and his crew”. It stuck.

    What really made it stick was my propensity to let out a Yeeeee-haaaaa! at any given time at Braddock (and still doing it to this day!). Some called me Rebel Yell Wilson, but like I said, Crazy Craig stuck.


    they call me the “bmx legend” because i am a bmx legend


    Dave, in your case, BMX stands for “Beer Moto eXecelent”


    I have had this nickname for years. Did not like it at first but it grew on me.

    I know how you feel ant-dog. I was hesitant at first to use the nickname “20 inch Dave” but then it grew on me.

    Goooood night everybody!


    I’m Fat, have over 200 Buddha Statue’s around my house and a Tattoo of Buddha on My stomach…

    Enough said


    Dave, I want to hear how you got your “real” nicknames – HAM and CRAZYLEGS


    I know how you feel ant-dog. I was hesitant at first to use the nickname “20 inch Dave” but then it grew on me.

    Ladies and gentleman, Caveman, He’ll be here all week.


    well crazylegs is from the bensalem era of maybe 1990-92
    i use to pedal once.. like crazy, haha

    and ham i got from kevin vanderhoff and kevin baldwin.. id be racing and just fall down, get back up and just do tricks..and i use to do one hell of a job announcing at eht and flemington…i use to “ham” it up

    get it

    now i will take on the nickname “capt jack sparrow”

    bill thats so good


    @4130forlife wrote:

    they call me the “bmx legend” because i am a bmx legend

    like michael jackson is the king of pop? I thought your nickname was Ham? just having fun with ya dave


    I always thought “crazylegs” was from the KOD days and your jumping skills. I don’t remember you pedaling.


    Arrgghhh, it all be good captain, glad to be aboard!!!!!!


    the jumping skills are still with me thank god, cause i suck at racing, haha

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