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    Tupac-Who do you believe in-

    Interesting thoughts of Black Panther born,Gansta,Rap Star,Ex-con
    Tupac Shakur

    So I ask also Who do you believe in?

    Who do you believe in?
    Is it Buddah, Jehovah, or Jah? Or Allah?
    Is it Jesus? Is it God? Or is just yourself?
    Definately not to be imposed, being a demon
    Because this is the joy of believing!
    Men, to believe in yourselves
    But for sure, the higher power
    Resides only to ride in the heart of the true
    From the soul, of the man; for truth never has an alibi
    In the poetry, or in it’s realm
    That’s what pulls all words together
    Just to understand, that every man, is his OWN man
    And only man can satisfy the man
    Only the soul of the man, the feelings of the man
    The for realness of the man
    You can’t shake the man when you feel the man you know the man
    And you gotta call yourself because you are that man


    I’m not a fan of Tupac,…but this is a pretty powerful statement…

    for truth never has an alibi

    I believe that everyone one of us knows what is right and wrong, some just choose not to listen to that voice.


    paris , x clan , the list is long .so people hating on Adam already( crazy )this is a community forum that means in a community there are DIFFERENT types ofpeople with , thoughts ,ideals , goals , religions , deal with it people or go to some other site or maybe GO RIDE


    Let the Lord judge the criminals
    If I die, I wonder if heaven got a ghetto


    life bless the free thinkers, because they really make a difference

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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