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    Bout 2 months ago i met this kid at the track. A month ago i see him in town. Turns out he is from metuchen. give him my e-mail. today i get an e-mail. He needs some help with his bike. I tell him no prob. Now he is only 14 so I want to meet his parents. If he needs a ride to the track. I have no problem (Just wish he was old enough to drive my tired butt home)

    Point is if a kid wants to race, I am damn sure gonna help em. And I know anyone here would. This is how we preserve the future of our sport. Too many kids wanna race, but have no way to get there. Man i wish at 14 i had a ride to the track.

    Brett that is why i had to get off the phone with you. btw If you see a new member on here his name is ryan. be nice to him.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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