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    When are you planning to work on the track? I would like to try to get there to help.



    i heard it was next sunday 6/25. matt made an announcement at last saturdays race.. i was wondering if they will get it all done in one day? or does anyone know if they will be working on it monday too or any other day during the week?

    we will be at the nat in akron next weekend and dan says he wants to help out too…


    Next Sunday 6/25 will be a workday. If you can come out and help that would be great. Thanks to Rich Carolan (sp?) we are renting a 4yard bucket to move all that dirt. The goal is to fill in the last straight to grade level, build a step-up to it out of the 4th turn and a series of rollers/table top on the last straight. Also, the 4th straight giant double will be made a bit smaller, along with similiar doubles, one before it and one after it. With a scoop that large, the only problem may be running out of dirt, but don’t worry…theres about twice that much more to come.

    So…the big machine will be there, theres always a need for people to rake and shovel if you can make it (sorry, I can’t). I may come out Monday to finalize it depending on what they get done. I’ll let you all know.




    can you post if you still need help on monday- if you dont finish the work on sunday we can come and help monday afternoon…. just let me know- danny has an orthodontist appt in the am but we are there after 12 if you need a hand…..


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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