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    We need to get together, that is utterly apparent.
    This is all I’m saying tonight.
    Rich F, Rich C, Anon, Ham, Bill, Craig..me..
    Any guys who will argue ad infinitum on something as small as NJ BMX obviously have a common love and just are not communicating well here.
    To any outsider right now, my site is looking pretty lame with the craziness that is going on, and I am NOT pointing out any one person, ’cause I’d be just as much to blame as anyone else.
    Ya know what,
    we have to prove to the members of the Board that we will not be bickering clowns and can work together.
    If I pick a central meeting place will you get together and give it a shot.
    No egos, no nothing.


    Will ya do it for the guy who used to look up to all the top dogs back in the day?


    i havent seen one argument in here.. just differences in opinion…we will all get together probably at the eht race…some AC casino.. some blackjack, beer.. hookers.. and we can all discuss the situation.. that seems to be the best idea..well.. to me.. haha. bmx is my life, i have it tattooed on my leg..its ruined relationships..made me poor.. but im addicted to it.. its my LIFE


    I appreciate the enthusiasm! but…someone with some clout looks here and sees a post that says, beer, hookers and blackjack and they aren’t gonna take me serious.
    I’m serious, and I’d like to do it sooner than EHT’s Nat.


    Hey BMXMANIA, you’re in as well…



    Will people truly listen man! Thats the key….

    Its true all we want to do is make it better. People need to remember THAT.


    Last time I’m repeating this for tonight.
    I’m serious.
    In fact I’m gonna sleep on this tonight and just may go ahead and make a date myself, post it here with directions to see who will as Jeff M said, put up or shut up.
    Oh and lastly, the NJ BMX Board and all track directors are invited.


    Count me in, I’m looking to start racing again by July. I would like to do what I can to help.


    There is an open state meeting Saturday April 22nd, following the Egg Harbor State Qualifier. All are welcome to attend.

    NJBMX State Clerk of Course

    I expect every single person who has been on this message board, complaining or offering suggestions to either attend or get to me a list of suggestions before then, since I am sure not every person can make room in the schedule, ALTHOUGH with all the enthusiasm of the last week, I would think that all those having strong opinions would make it a point to be there.
    If you do not make some sort of prescence known, then I can’t really take those who don’t show up seriously.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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