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    hey what a beautiful trip over…cant stay on long there is a line waiting to use the lobbypc. have to arm wrestle these 10 yr olds who are on 24/7 webkinz site…lol

    heading over to 1st practice. went to see the track last night/// top secret no one allowed in they were working on it apparently 7 days straight of rain so they had their hands full so i was told. we did see the starting hill which is steep. there is a small aba track next to a velodrome right there at the site venue. usa practice is 1:30-2:55 today and to morrow 11:30-12:55. jerseys are sweet, everything here is pretty pricey(13% tax total on everything but food- 6% national + 6% province tax) but the scenery is awesome. did whale boating yesterday, un friggin believable!!

    will take some pics today if i can, dont know how to post them but will try to get some 10 yr old to help me later…haha

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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