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    Its done and in my hand. The check should go out next week say around Thursday. For the record this was one of the fastest grants I have worked on. I know it seems like a long time,but many things go into putting these deals together. And to clear up any confusion, Rich Farside in no way held up or slowed down the process. This is in refrence to keepitreal. Sometimes it takes several drafts of a proposal to come to a complete understanding and a workable deal. In this case,it came together quick after everboby understood the procedures. I really think the work being done will help NJBMX,and provide a better program for all. We need to stick together,and keep our eye on the ball. NJ has many very talented riders,and hopefull we can bring more new riders out.

    Rich Carolan director Tina & Richard V Carolan Foundation Inc.

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