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    I am a mother of a girl racer and a racer for 23 years myself and the rule for girls riding with the boys novice class at locals never have changed. Girls at the time of registration have the option of racing the girls their own age that day or older to make a class if not they are entitled by the nbl rule book to race boys novice class. If they race girls they get pointed as they finish as for racing the boys they get pointed as they finish. But my beef as to why my daughter does not race howell or Flemington is because everytime we registered we were told no to the option. It is not up to the registration booth to make that decision since it states in the rule book the rider has that option. I work in the registration booth at a track and every girl is given that option no matter how much of an inconvience it is. Not that it is. And here we are another racing season and the problem is already starting. I am very dissapointed with the way some tracks run their locals. It seems that girl racers are being discrimanated against. I don’t think it is the problem of it being an inconvience to the registration booth but a problem with the girls being faster than the boys and beating them and in turn the boys can not collect those points they so desperatly want. I was at competition congress in February and for anyone that went knows this subject was brought up and it is to be done strictly by the rule book not, “If you dont like it call the nbl.” Don’t you think the nbl has more important issues to deal with instead of babysitting the tracks that can’t follow a rule book. Egg Harbor doesn’t seem to have a problem with putting the girls in with the boys why should any of the other tracks. What is good for one is good for all nbl tracks. Thank you. ANd any comments are greatly appreciated. Sincerly Penny Shipman


    I wish more mothers were like you and stuck up for their girls at these races. You make us proud.


    i have pennys back..


    Taylor,Shannon and Cassidy did awsome today and they chose those classes.I know last year at howell Shannon pulled herself out of Cassidys class and raced boys.


    i was at regis when they put shannon in with the boys class i didnt think they had a prob with that ( maybe i missed something) she did great with them… i think the concern was with a girl who was new and if all the girls pulled out who would the new girl race then? so i think they just put the newbie with the younger rookie boys- seemed like everyone was happy i thought… it has to be hard pleasing everyone… solution to this is get more girls to come out and race… there were a few at hc who used to race every weekend last yr hopefully they come back too…little sisters are taking over!!!!


    On behalf of HCBMX, while I don’t know what the circumstances were at our track, this should not happen. I would like to invite you back to our track and in the unlikely event you do encounter any future problems, see me personally and we will set it straight.

    Loren Hamblin


    Its just like at work. They make rules up or change them as they go if they dont feel like doing something.

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