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    Funny how the trolls who say they don’t come here, or that this is the worst thing since BMX do come here and over to mine as well. Yep I CAN trace emails and a few have been deleted the ones who called this a us against them thing.
    Funny I asked to be removed from their board, and yet we must be saying something that interests them that they HAVE to be here


    Don’t you know its lousy insurgents like you…with your questions and comments and well, people like you are causing trouble. There will be no trouble in NJBMX. Please stop. Isnt it much better that way? Just go send your money in. No, that’s work. Bring it on race day. And please just be quiet. Everything will be fine.


    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, good one Loren
    But as a friend of mine once told me while he was remodeling his old house, “Bill this ting is so broken, it needs to be completely torn down”, he did it, wrecked the thing, and guess what, once the debris was removed, and the new house built, it was much better. Time to start rebuilding


    Just heard a good quote, “when its all done, will we be able to tell our kids we did all we could?”

    When all the tracks close, when were all hanging around at Bretts house, or Bills trails, or in your own backyard… will we be able to say we did all we could?

    it aint over till WE say its over!


    ok “it’s over”


    Open you eyes guinnessextreme. You cant make up your mind what side of the fence you want to be on now can you.


    DAMN i have been thinking the same thing.


    hmmmm….this can never die….let me find something…


    it’s at home…but anyway,
    ya know what Caveman told me?
    He said he saw a few kids not too far from where he lives just building a few jumps and racing around a vacant lot.
    It’s natural. They wanna do this.
    Places like my backyard, or Bill’s trails or the spots I see lining roads all over where I live. That’s why this exists, not points, trophies, nationals.

    Yes, guys like Loren and Bill, Ant, Rich, Dave, etc… will be able to say, we did all we could.
    Because you see this like those kids in the vacant lots do,
    with wide eyes and imagination….and, lol, too much free time.

    “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.â€ÂÂ￾ ~A crazy german scientist~


    flattire, your right. I just want it to work out. You all can call me nieve (sp) or whatever, but I choose to do what I can to make it work so my kids and I have the opportunity to race BMX. I can’t say I am making the right choice, just that I am doing what I can. That may be grooming a track, it may be stopping some kid on a bike and asking them “ever raced that thing?”, it might be a simple email or it might be becoming an NBL official. Lance said its “not about the bike”. Well, to me, it really is about the bike. 20″, cruiser or Mtn bike… I love it! I don’t think everyone on the board is evil. I don’t think everyone on BS.net has the answer.

    Bicycle Motocross Racing didn’t start with me, hopefully it won’t end with me.

    I do know that there is alot of kids out there who don’t even know there is BMX racing in NJ. If we reach all those kids, we can talk about the next step.

    you know… someone from the board (names not important) asked me whos side I am on….well I told them exactly what I will tell you. I am on the side of BMX in NJ. Love it or leave it.
    If you have the answer, PLEASE, lets hear it.


    Loren what you want is what I would say all of us want, but some have made this a them against us thing, and seeing how the counts have gone the last year, sooner or later you have to make a choice. Do you want it to continue like this, or give YOUR absolute best effort, and make a change for the better, for just not your kids, but all of the riders present, and future. Because without the future, this present will be meaningless




    “You want to know what I think? It don’t much matter what I think. Soon as that gate drops, all this politics and bullsh*t goes right out the window”


    The answer is to have an open mind.

    BMX would not be here without that.

    I am on the side of BMX in NJ. Love it or leave it.

    The only way to bring new kids in is to be on that side.
    When we are in charge it will be easier.
    The funny thing is that when we are “in charge”, we really won’t be…
    can everyone wrap their head around that?


    @guinnessextreme wrote:

    Soon as that gate drops, all this politics and bullsh*t goes right out the window”

    When the gate drops that is 30seconds of BMX, what about all the other things that go into it, that get you there. If you don’t have them, you don’t have the 30 seconds

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