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    Since the past week was a hornets nest of BMX racing craziness, I’d figure we might as well get something going with the freestyle side.
    Personally, myself and a few other older riders are fed up with the portrayal of BMX in general in some of the major magazines. The constant image shown is of the 20 something rider, who is proud of the fact that all they do is ride, just drink, have no job and “live BMX”. This is shown as the “hardcore” rider, who truly loves the sport. Some may love the sport, but that image is detrimental to BMX. BMX is so diverse it is like NO OTHER “sport” on the planet. In fact it’s not a sport it’s a lifestyle like skating or surfing.
    A 9 year old kid who races, gets good grades and has hobbies is just as core as the drinking cussing 28 year old. The guy who hits a few jumps 3 times a month has a full time job raises a family….CORE, the flatland rider who gets out after work for 3 hours and puts the headphones on then sits down for an hour of guitar…well, you get the idea.
    It’s time to start showing all the diversity of BMX in our media, instead of just spitting back at the kids the same image over and over.


    WELL SAID now lets make it happen


    I can’t be everywhere at once. lmao
    Let’s do a flatland jam at High Gear this summer. But let’s go beyond getting core guys there, let’s try and get O.S.ers with those lame ass old tricks and newbs who can do endos….


    miami hopper and cherry pickers.. anyone anyone???


    If that’s what it takes to get people to have fun on the bike!
    Isn’t it sorta funny though how a cherrypicker is looked at as weak, (ok it is not that hard at a 2006 level) but…
    tabletops still get magazine covers, when people are doing double whip flips…
    Shouldn’t jumpers be all, dude learn a real trick…if you just like to bust flatties…(oh man here come the jokes)
    ‘course we aren’t like that…
    hmmmm, why is that?


    I can rock walk my cruiser…and do endos on the curb…the locals love it!


    Dude i can infinty roll forever, and iam the master of the slider to ifinity roll to lawnmower, sadly that is all have left in me! LOL


    Evolution is revolution…
    how many late 30 guys were doing rock walks when we were kids…


    That trick always bored me…I will give props to Bill Danner for I saw him rock walk drop in on a mini half once…..I didn’t know he had it in him……


    Come on man…Bill? He is mysteriously missing from here lately…


    Adam – I know your just bustin – but I’m 38 and did not ride ANYTHING (with wheels 😉 ) for 10 years. A rock walk on a 24″ cruiser is amazing in the eyes of my 10yr old neighbors.


    put a bench or sometheing in front of me and i can find something to do with it.

    btw is nyone good w/ pallett to palett wallrides? mine suck

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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