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    I’m thinking about making some stickers, might be fun just to screw around…anyone got a good idea on a design?


    I emailed you a rough idea, but I am not a graphic artist or anything.


    neither am i, so join the club.lol
    its cool, tweak it up and we’ll use it
    i’d like to see the actual words flat pedal revolution on there someplace tho


    yes good idea.. flat pedal revolution

    very good idea

    ill drink to that


    Are we not men? We are old school.



    I’m designing these cool new gloves they have straps on them to keep your hands permanently attached to the handlebars.
    Makes for better pull manuals.

    I don’t know if I miss my old KKT rat traps, though, lol


    how about using this. Notice he is still clipped in


    I was just talking over dinner tonight with an old school freind and I’m thinking BMXL will ban clips. At first I thought that would leave out alot of new riders when it occured to me as Ive been spending tons of hours thinking the whole sanction thru, that almost all new riders get bikes that dont have clips.

    So depending on feedback from other potential owners Im pretty sure BMXL will ban clips.


    I think the fact that most new kids show up on a bike with NO clips, and by virtue of class building, get stuck with guys and girls that have been racing awhile, and have them (clips), they are discouraged, and leave. Cause at first thought, locking your feet to the pedals sound very un-natural. I know they have to learn like the rest of us, well guess what, it’s easier to go to the local jumps and ride than do that.


    I don’t want to offend anyone but…. It seems that The “old schoolers” are the ones that are against them and the new kids that have been riding with them, don’t want to race without them.Am I wrong?


    Come on Chris this is the internet…ya gotta offend someone! LOL!!!
    I just like flats, and I want to make a statement, and I know a few guys who prefer em.
    And actually if you asked a lot of the top guys what they preferred it would probably be flats.
    I don’t really care but I like flats…so I’m making stickers.


    No offense taken, I run em, but let’s ask new kids what they think of it then


    It’s funny that you said that, I was driving the kids to school this morning after I posted my opinion and Gabe said if he had the choice he definately would choose his clips! And then he said”why?” I said “because I wanna know!”
    There you go.


    A lot of the kids that stick with racing are gonna run what everyone else does, and right now that is clips. If we didn’t have clips, then they wouldn’t know better.

    I think if you ask any kid on clips right now which he prefers, he’ll say clips because that is the fashionable thing. Its the norm. I doubt you’d get too many kids saying “no I’d rather be on flats (and risk losing)” cause thats what they are thinking.

    The only way you are going to find out if fear of clipping in was the reason someone stopped racing is by doing exit interviews. But I doubt anyone is going to invest in that. But, we’d learn alot if we did.

    Preventing rider fallout comes back to what a lot of people have been saying and that is making new riders feel welcome, getting to know their parents, and giving them a way to contact you if they have any questions, ever. Those first couple of times a rider is on the track are critical. How we handle them and their parents will be a huge determining factor of whether or not they come back a few more times.

    So yeah, I’m changing the subject here a little, but I know not everyone here is gonna do it, but those that can, be willing to “adopt” a new family, give them your phone number, and be accessible. This way they can call you when they have the questions. There is a saying I use in my business, and that is “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. Its all about creating “community”.


    I’m still making the stickers, got artwork all done.
    And Craig is right.
    Which leads us back to BMXSpectators post.

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