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    Mid Season Notice.
    Fr: Jeff Morgan
    Subject: Un Happy Web Viewers

    I have had several complaints about the status of the website.

    Here is how it goes. If you have information or pictures you would like to see
    posted then email them to webinfo@njbmx.org along with a description, date
    and time of the event.

    If you have web skills and would like to work on a section of the NJBMX website
    contact jmorgan@njbmx.org.

    If you have any other complaints step up to the plate and get it done.

    This was put up about a year ago…about the same my site was getting going. I still don’t understand the philosophy of, I am in charge of something but you do it.
    As far as the last thing there, well someone stepped up and got it done.
    Just waiting for the 20th.

    I just honestly really wish that those currently handling things had not let racing just languish in the twilight zone the last few years.


    They want us to do the heavy lifting is the feeling I get, like ok you doit AS I say. But only as I say. In other words, no chance of ever making change to keep up with the times

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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