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    I’ve done some thinking about a lot of things with BMX racing in NJ over the past few months.
    One thing you’ve already seen, a bigger emphasis on our lifestyle.
    That will get bigger as I promised when BMXNJ.com debuts.

    I just realized that the biggest thing to hit racing in NJ last year was
    The Hyper Pro-Am.
    Hands down, most excitement, best prizes, the whole nine,
    and it was put together by the racers.
    NOTHING could stop these guys, when people didn’t want to use the PA, they forced their way in, when the scorers left the finish line at the finals, the older riders stepped up and got the job done.

    This forum was originally titled NJ BMX Racing.
    It’s now titled NJ BMX RACERS Forum.
    This is for the racers, go out there and get the job done, make a change, do your thing. Farside, and Knapper got the ball rolling. They’re gonna need your help.
    This website was always about the riders, it will continue to be about the riders.
    I wish all the guys and gals racing this year a lot of luck, I hope everyone has a good time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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