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    dont forget the fall classic at hcbmx this sat:

    old school race( 25 and over)
    16 & over money open
    16″ scramble ( any age)

    dont forget to bring your little bikes for the 16″ scramble… last yr i believe we had semis…

    old school race- flats only /wear your old school garb/ open face and jaffas welcome(did i spell that right?)

    money open – bring some speed and pedal power

    a fun time for all.. weather looks great!!


    joffa.. but you gave a nice effort

    i shall be there

    beer time

    and time for those who seem to hide behind the comp screen to step up.


    Dave i will be there. Just do not know on which bike????????



    Hopefullly you bring the bike that has the automatic gate balancing system on it!!!!!

    You know me and I aint hiding behind a screen!!


    Dude my gates have gotten 100 percent better. You kind of helped me out.


    Ant’s bringing back the one pedal start.
    I’m down….lol!


    What me siting my fat butt on the side laughing made you better?

    Glad to see you are improving. Now I only wish I had some mid 20’s guys here in AZ to race on my cruiser. It’s no fun getting schooled by 12 year olds now is it Ant?


    Ant if you have trouble balancing you should practice balancing off the track.
    In fact do it between motos by pulling your bike up to a car tire and trying to balance on flat surface. Its harder to balance on flat ground do this every race and between motos. In just a few weeks you will balance like a pro.

    Also practice balancing sitting down. You can never get a solid start until your balance is solid. Once you can balance for like ever without touching down your good to go.

    To further help your start do some lil things.
    Flex your fingers on the grips to help you relax. Alot of riders choke the bars the to death. Relax. Also take a deep breath on the gate and breathe out.
    Remind yourself its just a race and it aint no big deal.

    Finally your ready to slam the gate down. Dont wait for it to fall, make sure you move your hips forward and up before the gate drops.

    If your constantly then clipping the gate you can make one of two adjustments or a combination of both. 1. leave a split second later and/or 2. lower your forward pedal one click. If still clipping try lowering it another click.

    One other area you can adjust is your body position. But again never make extreme changes. Your body should be centered over your bike/seat. You will notice some riders that lean way back over the rear tire and still get a great start. Well they developed a good start from a bad habit. Dont copy, center your body.

    Practice makes perfect. Even if you cant race but can make it to the track do some gates.
    Be careful not to wear yourself out on race day doing gates.


    Crazy Craig is gonna have to miss this Saturday’s festivities. I pulled a muscle in my left calf over two weeks ago, and it’s taking a long time to heal. I have two kids and it makes it tough to stay off of it and relax it.

    Today it felt better, but then just now I had to carry my 55lb 5yr old upstairs to bed and now its bugging me. Kinda stinks.

    Yes, I should probably come out anyhow, but not sure yet, we’ll see. I am registered for the 11th & the 19th.


    Is the 25 & over old school class a money class? I can’t decide whether to bring flats and race the old school or bring clips and race the 16 & over open. I’m so confused.

    I guess technically I could race class, cruiser, 16 & over $, and 25 & over squirrel. That sounds like a good idea.

    All I really wanna do is hit the double on the 4th straight and whip it like Bubba Stewart. 😈


    dave..come and race the 16 and over


    if you think you can handle it…… bring both pedals

    oh i think we have an extra little 16″ as well. why not do all 3? i’ll tell dan to bring one specially for you!


    I forgot the 16″ race. That means I could race five classes and possibly get a quintuple for the day. Yeah, that could happen. 😈 😈 😈


    hey..you may be able to do six if you wear your costume?

    there was supposed to be a costume race also…haha


    I can’t decide whether to bring flats and race the old school or bring clips and race the 16 & over open. I’m so confused.

    how about everyone grows a set and races the 16+ open on flat pedals


    so if you want to make the 16 over “old school” w/flats and all… then i guess the “no slingshot rule” would apply, correct?


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