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    The time has become ripe to finally solve the problems that hurt us in NJ. The problems lie nowhere but in attitude.
    The only way to get something done.
    Is to do it.

    And part of doing it is having drive to do it.
    And part of having drive to do it is to be motivated by the people around you.

    You need to have a spark, a fire to make a difference, otherwise malaise and contentment sets in and you stagnate.
    That is the problem that stands in the way, of instead of let’s try this…
    It’s…Well we’re just making it now why change?

    Big things are waiting on the other side of the door for BMX racing in NJ and a few of us here have the keys to that door. When we walk in and sit down and say this is how to open it and move forward, everyone must do their job…
    and do only their job to the utmost of their ability.

    I would like to ask again, when is the january meeting?


    LIFE LESSON FOR SURE, I have the same problem with some of my workers not motivated, no drive , no passion. BRETT THE TONY ROBERTS OF BMX thank him for coming back to bmx


    Talk is talk, action are actions, all I hear is talk, from all I have heard there is nothing on the other side the door but an empty field


    I am curious what are some of the big things for NJ.


    the biggest thing for NJ bmx is the bmx legend state team!!!!!

    im taking over the state


    phantom….well besides Dave’s team…
    Everything will be announced at the January meeting.
    and on the new njbmx.org after that meeting.

    2 years ago, NJ didn’t have a website reporting on the BMX scene.
    Nor a “zine” to get some promotion out.
    The Iron Man Classic was gone.

    So that’s 3 big things that have happened already.
    The other question that should always be asked is this,
    What would you like to see?


    I think everything thats happening right now is awsome for Nj locally and nationally look around at all the talented racers young and older.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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