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    This site will continue to evolve, mostly because it is controlled by people who’s only interest is in riding thier bike and who truly love BMX.
    This particular forum will be more directly moderated by me than the others. I don’t want any topics here devolving into petty personal agendas, rants on beer or just saying “this su*ks”.
    State an idea or opinion and give some positive input into what to do to get it done.
    I’m gonna start with one person who threw caution to the wind and said it’s time to bring the factions of BMX racing and BMX freestyle back together again.
    Yea…You’ll be hearing a lot of crazy ideas from me in here.
    But I don’t care.
    I do have a personal agenda.
    But I consider it to be pretty big and just.
    It’s to get kids riding BMX bikes and get non-riding adults to accept the rest of us as something more than “those people riding little kids bikes”.
    Jesse, you told me that the NBL shot down all your ideas, put ’em here. Bill, let ‘er rip man. Dale, you’re a lifer.
    Getting off the soap box and letting the next guy in line have his turn.

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