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    i know many of you will not like this topic but i am interested in seeing how many riders and parents especially like the bawls energy drink sponsor for the nbl ( i just saw it on their website)

    1- what do you think about athletes using this during comp
    2- how exactly does it help performance
    3- what kind of message this sends to kids( under 21 crowd)

    here ya go… i will start.

    caffeine is banned by the njsiaa( governing body for nj state hs athletics) in amts over 15 mcg/ ml.. my son had to sign a permission form for sports/ random drug tests. caffeine just added to the list.

    this bawls drink is 16 oz and has way more than the 1 cup coffee/ caffeine content in red bull


    80mg caffeine/ 12 oz in Bawls and Red Bull. Bawls obviously is a much bigger container.

    Q:Is BAWLS Guarana dangerous for children?
    A:BAWLS Guarana contains caffeine and like all caffeinated beverages should be consumed in moderation, particularly by children and individuals with health concerns or caffeine sensitivity

    The message it sends to kids is they need to supplement their performance.

    I know Deb, your thinking this is coming from the “Rockstar” guy…I have been rethinking that even before I saw this.

    Is it a good thing? Gatorade, Powerade etc would be a good thing.



    Ive been taking courses for alittle over a year now to become a personal trainer and learn more about sports meds. Lets not forget here what the soul thing that an energy drink does to a persons body. When you put any amount of an energy drink in oyur body it rapidly speeds up your heart rate. Many things can come from this the #1 thing beeing heart attack. I strongly disagree with having an energy drink sponsor the nbl since the nbl seems to target the younger riders, with them beeing the future of the sport. Im not to sure right off the top of my head what serious long term effects can come from having energy drinks for to long of a period. But some are high blood pressure, long term heart problems, and diabeties.
    Sorry if I mispelled anything 😳


    I just drink GIN, so if I crash I don’t feel anything


    Individual responses to caffeine vary, and these drinks should be treated carefully because of how powerful they are. Energy drinks’ stimulating properties can boost the heart rate and blood pressure (sometimes to the point of palpitations), dehydrate the body, and, like other stimulants, prevent sleep.

    Energy drinks should not be used while exercising as the combination of fluid loss from sweating and the diuretic quality of the caffeine can leave the user severely dehydrated.
    This is from Brown university heath

    Earlier this month, a new study found a surprising number of caffeine overdose reports to a Chicago poison control center. These involved young people taking alertness pills such as NoDoz or energy drinks, sometimes mixed with alcohol or other drugs. During three years of reports to the center, the researchers found 265 cases of caffeine abuse. Twelve percent of those required a trip to the hospital. The average age of the caffeine user was 21.

    “Young people are taking caffeine to stay awake, or perhaps to get high, and many of them are ending up in the emergency department,” said Dr. Danielle McCarthy of Northwestern University, who conducted the study. “Caffeine is a drug and should be treated with caution, as any drug is


    on the bawls website it says 300mg caffeine/can

    i know we see everyone in the mx and skateboarding/freestyle scene on the rockstar bandwagon( drinking it during their post run interview) but are these sports in the olympic venue and such competing under the same anti doping rules as bmx or any other cycling event?

    im sure the nbl has thought this one through but i just wanted to get some average folks thoughts on the sub.

    for example..a yr or so ago when we first saw it in 7-11… my son bought a bottle so my nephew( about12- 13 at the time) drinks a bottle and thats all he is talking about all night…now this kid has no business drinking this stuff he is hyper enough…anyway everytine the kid sees a 7-11 he says he wants to go in and buy the crap..that is what i am talking about it gave him enough of a rush to want more of it.. and he is not even an athlete per se..


    pbr is the energyu drink of champions.. its a proven fact.. i prove it everytime i ride


    i knew you would give us a healthy alternative..thanks!!


    rolling rock man,respect the rock!!!


    You mean the NBL finally got some Bawls?

    I’m more concerned first with the marketing to a group that has a majority of it’s members who are kids. 2nd, is the name and what it implies. “You have to drink this to have any balls”.

    I do ride for Monster and I give the stuff out. I do not give it out to any young kids when I do. I don’t let my son drink it except for a little cup this past New Years Eve for his toast drink.

    Knowing what it cost other vendors to be XXXXXX of the NBL they really spent some $$$ to get in there.

    The UCI also has restrictions on caffeine but they had a Red Bull tent set up right at the Worlds this year. Same with the Woodward Supercross a few years back.


    Honestly ..eat right and drink water…..natural adreneline is all you need….


    although bawls is not the ideal sponsor for a kids sport– it’s nice to see some outside money copming in– imo– it’s not the NBL or any other sanction to educate your kids what is good an bad about nutrition– but rather the parent– i was astonished to see how many 8 yr olds were running around drinking red bulls at the state races



    I dont have a problem with bawls hec there was a REDBULL truck at the IRONMAN CLASSIC.Bawls energy drink will be in Lexington im gonna get my free samples.I know in the end its up to the parents to educate thier children on these matters.Hey i wonder how many kids drink mountaindew now thats some cafeine way more than an energy drink.


    I will die from a mountain dew overdose.
    been drinking that garbage since i was a kid.

    I am sure the nbl thought of this $$ and how much say bawls wanted over their program before they became a sponsor.

    I would have to and hope to say that the average age of a BMX racer is getting …older.

    How about bawls, PBR and gillette as sponsors….
    and yoohoo, hi-c, hawaiin punch etc as well….

    older riders, younger riders.

    Anyone care to do some legwork to bring in the bling bling?


    here it is straight from the bawls website. see what you think…..

    BAWLS Sponsors BMX Racing

    What can’t we do?

    BAWLS Guarana has just announced its exclusive energy drink sponsorship of the National Bicycle League! (Insert applause and screams of excitement here!)
    BAWLS Guarana will be the “Official Energy Drink” at all 25 events for the 2007 National and Regional Midwest and Southeast NBL Tournaments.
    Not only will BAWLS keep the riders bouncing after catching a buzz when they soft-tail their bike, but the BAWLS Guarana logo will be on New Rider Number Plates and on bike helmets! The best part is that you can drink all of the BAWLS Guarana you want!
    Also, limited edition NBL logo and graphics packaging will be available on the BAWLS Guarana 12-packs! Pick up your BAWLS-NBL 12-pack at CompUSA in the late summer! Bounce with BAWLS!

    Read a press release about our sponsorship with the NBL.

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