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    Eht bmx is having a work party on wednesday from 5ish till whenever! we are going to get this track ready for our state qualifier. We could use all the help we can get! you heard it from the Announcer Web Guy , Lee Matos


    heard there has been some changes recentlly. havent been there in a couple weeks– between rain, schedule conflicts, and then vacation this past week i wasn’t in the area.


    i think im done with eht till next year.. ive gotta work like the next 6769467 saturdays.. so no more saturday races till that state championship thing


    I’ll be there !!!

    Lee you forgot RACER
    “the Announcer Web Guy Racer “


    i’m not going to be able to make it wed night, mare has something going on, so i will be hangin with the kids.
    was at the track today and the 3rd and 4th straights look reall good– the only constructive critisism i have is on the first jump in the second straight– the face and landing are real smooth– but the insides of the peaks are reall choppy and abrupt. for anyone that isn’t jumping, it’s not a smooth trasition. i know that the peaks are small and to fill in the middle to smooth them out puts it back at a table top, but it’s just kinda funky the way it is.

    Lee, you will se what i mean if you try to pump it, there is nothing there on the backside of the take-off, and like wise for the inside of the landing.

    everything else is top notch,

    gotta roll


    oh yeah dave, we know, thats first on our list, we plan on fixing that up, raking the whole track then throwing a fresh layer of screened dirt on top… no more rocks


    cool, didn’t want to come across like a jerk, i know you guys been working hard. but i figured the next person might not be so nice.

    now get back to your school work


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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