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    Tonights race went off without a hitch. We had a great turn-out again. The track needed some work (thanks to mother nature with her 4″ of rain this weekend) but with the some riders and parents, we nocked everything out very quickly! Once again, BIG THANKS to all of the volunteers who grabbed a broom/shovel/wheel barrel or rake and all the officials and scorers as well! I said it before, I’ll say it again: Without VOLUNTEERS at the track, We wouldn’t HAVE a track!!!! Thanks again!!
    Don’t forget….. Gate practice Thursday night (7/27) 6pm – 8pm. There will probably be a little track repair going on also. Let’s keep getting new and old riders out to the tracks!!!!


    Well said. Had a great race tonight. As usual our 5 & unders were out in full force with a 7 man gate in the main. That’s like 6 races in a row they’ve had a main.
    Great to see so many out of town riders, namely NY, down for the evening. Also the many riders who showed up to get in one of their “missing” locals.
    See all of you next Tuesday.

    Make sure you hit up gate practice on Thursday.


    OH YEA Gate practice has been a lot of fun!! no worries about wearing yourself out before the race and them pump laps are a great workout !!!


    Last Tuesday was the first time I did full legit pump laps. I got four in before the lights got turned off (after Tues nite racing). My hammys were sore for three days.

    The one thing I dont get to do is gate practice. Flemington is an hour away and I have to make sure work & and family stay in balance and Wednesday nites are usually my late night working. I have been racing twice a week the last few weeks, so one more night is hard to justify. EHT is 135 miles away, so that is REALLY hard to justify. But, I got my sprints in last night, more to follow today.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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