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    You’d think we are nuts! , Well, We have a small crew out there fixxing up the track, I couldn’t make it out there tonight so we decided that we would have ANOTHER WORK PARTY! Ya BOY! So if you missed your chance to come down to EHT BMX and help up out, then we are offering you yet another chance to help us out down here! Thanks, RACER web guy Announcer dude, Lee Matos… PS we will also most likely have one next wed and thurs. if neccasary……just to give a heads up. 8)


    A little bit of the “work party” subject………….

    Does anyone know how Chris Vleit is doing? I haven’t heard any updates lately. I hope he’s getting better……. we’re still prayin’ for your full recovery!


    Thanks Chris for the prayers!! I’m doing better. I started physical therapy for my right arm at the beginning of this last week. Most of my memory has gotten better, wait, who are you? haha just kidding.. I still don’t remember anything from just prior to the crash until about 1-2 weeks after. The doctors and my Chief are telling me I can’t get back to the Firehouse to work for about 5-6 weeks. I am planning on stopping by the track tomorrow night to see everyone again and will try to drop by the State Qualifier also.

    I appologize for not being at the track lately but, between doctors appointment, phys therapy, plain recovery and still trying to organize the rebuild on the house I’ve been alittle tied up. I do know that I can’t wait for 2007 to end!!! This year hasn’t been my favorite to say the least. COME ON 2008!!!

    Anyway, thanks for asking and hope to see you and the rest of the crew soon.

    Chris V.

    ps: I’d also like to send out a BIG thanks to everyone that has stepped it up at the track and pretty much taken over since my absence! You guys are GREAT!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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