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    Yes, we are racing tonight!!!!!!!! Even though it is going to be ungodly hot & humid we ARE racing tonight. It will be a 2 moto transfer.

    We will need some extra volunteers as we are short staffed tonight.


    Yup, we raced! Had a 30+ Dad go down for the count on the starting hill. Ambulance called. Not a pretty scene, but hey we didn’t cancel because of the heat. 😛


    anyone know who it was???


    It was a dad that raced about 10 years ago. Came down tonight signed up himself and his 2 sons (8 & 10). He fell in his first moto, but got right back up and finished. Went up to the starting hill to help his 8 year old (first time racer) and collapsed from the heat and dehydration. Was unconscious for a short time. Chris Vliet is an EMT and was able to stabilize him till the ambulance got there. Poor 8 year old never got to race as they all went to the hospital. They’re from Staten Island.


    This is Kelly, Dean’s (the injured guy’s wife. He broke his collar
    bone, we assume from the initial fall on the track and he has a slight
    concusion from the passing out. But he is doing better today, alot of
    pain but home and well.

    We would like to thank everyone for all their help with Dean and our
    kids. It was helpful to have so many considerate and caring people
    around when we were in a strange town (we live in Staten Island)

    Thanks again and maybe we will see some of you this weekend, where our
    boys can race.

    Kelly, Dean & kids


    You guys are rocking down there!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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