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    Yeah, yeah, yeah, same old story except the one fact is that this was never an issue before. “Public Park” – minor wear and tear is one thing, lack of maintance is another. And anyway, Brett..when was the last time that you were down to the track? HMMMMMMM


    State Qualifier,
    I’ll be back in Sept….

    I really only knows what goes on at CJ, as I am there weekly for their races, but it would be cool to see some shots from other tracks and their local races on here.
    I mean I dunno, if we get 10 people that say, hey I wanna help at CJ, we put those 10 people to work, (seems more and more people want to help too, which is cool.) I just don’t understand if 10-15 people walked up to Chris and said I wanna do this this and this, I can’t see why he wouldn’t say, go for it man.
    I’m lost really.
    If you’re saying that Chris should be out there mowing the grass weekly, fixing every jump, soiltacking, building announcer towers or starting gates, I mean, jeesh that’s a lot. I wouldn’t expect that from anyone.
    Have you walked up to Chris and volunteered your time?
    I’m just curious, I’m pretty sure he will come on here at some point and say something… I mean he did when the guys helped with gate practice.


    hey ridin – are you sure you’re not adam? you seem to write the same way – all negative never a positive. I personally think chris is about 4 steps up from the last regime. i mean come on. it is his first season. they redesigned the track have actually rescheduled races so that riders can get more track time, neither would have happened last year. If i remember, they cancelled races because it was too hot even though it was in the 70’s… i dont know where you have been the last few years but chris is breath of fresh air.

    now if there isnt an improvement next year from this year, then we can start to call for his head. not yet.


    ridin low is partially correct– i’m at the track every morning before work– and last thursday, i was sitting there looking around– and i said to myself–“man, the tracks in bad shape”– the next morning i came with my weedwaker and some weed killer–i wasn’t going to ask anyone if it was ok to do it, i enjoy the track, and want to help, so i was going to do it. but when i got there, everything was already taken care of– problem was solved– it may have taken them a little longer than some people would have liked– but it was done.

    as far as the trash– i pick up trash there everyday, and every day i show up in the morning to more trash. with all the locals kids, plus hockey, baseball, and thugs in general, good luck keeping the trash gone for long.

    ridin low obviouslly has some issues with EHT. if you go back through his posts, it seams he only comes here to start shit. maybe someone can talk him into actually trying to help the cause rather than sit back and bitch about it.

    feel free to PM me if you wanna get anything off your chest ridinlow— i’m here to help.

    dave pawlowski


    Dave, you are the bomb, thanks for looking out for the track


    what kind of scumbag would i be if i went to the track everyday and just stepped over the trash, or rode around it and pretended i didn’t see it?

    nobel peace prize, here i come!!!!



    And people wonder why more don’t volunteer their time…rather then step up and do something I’ll just go on a web site and b***h about what everyone else, including myself, is NOT doing…

    For the few that do not know…we had a house fire on April 17th and lost EVERYTHING! So please forgive Chris if his priorities about the track where changed up a little over the past month and a half…

    God forbid that making sure that your kids age 7 and 2 have a roof over their heads, an actual bed to sleep in, and clothing on their backs, be more important than the weeds at the track.

    I know ridinlow excuses excuses…well everyone in the BMX community has a life and we are more than aware of that…and Chris has NEVER come on this site and bashed anyone for not being able to come our and volunteer their time at our track.

    Everyone’s personal time is priceless and many of us have less and less to give, but many still do and we give them a huge THANK YOU!!!!

    Ridinlow stop hiding behind you alias on this website…you say that you have been turned away from helping at the track…has Chris turned you away…it’s kinda hard to agree or disagree if nobody knows who you are…step up to the plate or should I be “cuteâ€ÂÂ￾ and say “Step up to the gateâ€ÂÂ￾.

    Carri Vliet


    Ridin, how do ya feel now, Oh yeah low, right ridinlow


    carri hit the nail on the head


    I prefer cute.
    I like comedy. —

    Debbie do you realize you could reverse that saying and it would still be correct?
    …um, I thought everyone knew about the fire thing since I wrote about it in the state qualifier writeup.

    peeps, it’s like this with BMX racing in NJ right now.
    Carpe Diem.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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