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    Mr. Middaugh

    I case you don’t know it looks to me like your site is under a DOS attack. Is there someone out there that you may have upset lately?

    Here is some information on a DOS attack

    Denial-of-service attack

    In computer security, a denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) is an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users. Typically the targets are high-profile web servers, and the attack attempts to make the hosted web pages unavailable on the Internet. It is a computer crime that violates the Internet proper use policy as indicated by the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).

    DoS attacks have two general forms:

    • Force the victim computer(s) to reset or consume its resources such that it can no longer provide its intended service.
    • Obstruct the communication media between the intended users and the victim so that they can no longer communicate adequately.

    Not all service outages, even those that result from malicious activity, are necessarily denial-of-service attacks. Other types of attack may include a denial of service as a component, but the denial of service may be part of a larger attack.

    Methods of attacks

    A “denial-of-service” attack is characterized by an explicit attempt by attackers to prevent legitimate users of a service from using that service. Examples include:

    • attempts to “flood” a network, thereby preventing legitimate network traffic;
    • attempt to disrupt a server by sending more requests than it can possibly handle, thereby preventing access to a service;
    • attempts to prevent a particular individual from accessing a service;
    • attempts to disrupt service to a specific system or person.

    Attacks can be directed at any network device, including attacks on routing devices and Web, electronic mail, or Domain Name System servers.


    what the hell does all of that mean???? i dont understand it.. so time to get drunk and say the hell with it.. haha


    Holy Hanna I have been telling Brett the very same thing … I am glad someone else is telling him that also…..


    yeah, bt this “attack” has been going on for well over 3 weeks now



    In the long run what matters is what is best for BMX.
    Can everyone please realize this.


    best for BMX

    here is whats best for BMX right now (this may seem like a pointless ramble, but im suffering from insomnia right now)


    thats it, who cares if its racing, street, park, flat, heck even just collecting old school bikes. lets all get together and figure out a way to bring it all back under one category…..


    thats what all of us started out doing, lets work on bringing it back there. c’mon, these street and park riders have skills, thay can ride a mini ramp for times on end….. they should have no problem being able to race around a track. the problem is, they dont think its cool.

    BITD we all rode every type of terrain we could. we loved to be on our bikes. lets all work together to try to get this going on again.

    im planning on paying a visit to jim cerullo from JV/braddock and asking him why BMX was so big and what he sees as the main difference between then and now. maybe that can help us see excactly where we have to take this.

    enuf for now……..


    I am making an official request Brian to join you in that journey with my video camera.
    That man did a lot for me BITD.

    For racing to become cool.
    No clips.
    Allow pads to be worn in place of leathers.
    and….all the other stuff we have beat into the ground. LOL

    Volunteer, go to your town, talk up BMX, ride with the locals, support local shops, donate what you can to BMX.
    Like we did back then.


    ya know….. i just wrote a whole thing and it told me no connection.

    brett, im gonna call jimmy and let him know i want to talk to him. ill see if he’s down with the camcorder

    ill let you know

    meanwhile, im interested in getting this shite started back up too……. how can we get a track in north jersey?


    You just said how.
    Jimmy Cerullo.
    Camcorder or no, I would love to just thank the man.


    Man I havn’t seen Jim in ages

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