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    i start community college on the 5th of september, which actually really sucks, because i really want to ride. and plus the fact, i’m super nervous about it as well. anyway, i don’t know if any of you guys went to college or anything like that, but did anyone have the feeling that they were going to have give up bmx because of school? i mean, i really think i am going to have to give it up for school. i don’t want to at all. if i wasn’t paying for it, then i’d probably wouldn’t have posted this. but because i am payiing for school and i still need to get a better job before i start, i don’t know if i will ever get the chance to ride again.
    this f***ing sucks.


    don’t sweat it– you love riding, and you will make the time. it may be less then before, but you will get it in.

    at one point when i was first married, i..

    worked full time
    college full time
    ran track for college
    coached high school wrestling
    played in a men’s rough touchfootball league
    played bass in a band
    worked on the house and being a husband
    and still found time to ride– didn’t race– but i rode

    all at once

    you will find the time– dont worry. just don’t let school go to the wayside– so one day you will have a job that allows you more riding time.



    Lou, I am 40yrs old, married with two kids and a house, career, etc. If I can find time to ride, you can too.

    Does the college allow bikes on campus? If so, get a good back pack for your books, throw the bike in the car, get there early and ride around the campus.

    I went to County College of Morris in Randolph, NJ and sometimes rode my cruiser FROM HOME (Morris Plains). Anyone who knows Hanover Ave knows what a haul that is.

    No offense dude, but you have like half the schedule (or less) of most of the people on here that have families, etc. Its all about how bad you want something. Just wake up 30 minutes to 1 hour earlier each day and you will find you can ride.

    Besides, if done in the right place at the right time, doing a little “show” at the college will get you some chicks for sure. 8)


    Lou dont hit the panic button you have to learn the time management program.T he first couple weeks of school just figure out what system works best for you dont sweat riding too much youll have plenty of time.


    Lou just get guns and shoot up the school and then maybe they will let you ride in prison I know you got it in ya Oh and its about time you put that silly kiddie bike away and take up a real sport like baseball HAHAHA!!!


    i guess i can find time to ride. it just sucks, because its pretty much the only thing i do now. i used to play goalie in ice hockey. and i was pretty good, i guess. and i don’t find myself to be very good at riding or anything else. i do know that i have fridays off, so hopefully i can put that to good use.
    thanks everyone.


    @rodney wrote:

    Lou just get guns and shoot up the school and then maybe they will let you ride in prison I know you got it in ya Oh and its about time you put that silly kiddie bike away and take up a real sport like baseball HAHAHA!!!

    Dude I know your just kidding but some people who race were directly affected by the V.T. shootings. That just isn’t cool. sorry if I am being a wet blanket but that just isn’t cool, sorry.


    If you truly love riding, now is when you will find out if you do.
    Bring your bike everywhere you go, you will find that you ride quite a bit.
    In fact, if I were you, I would ride as much as possible, and push that to the front just as much as the “education”.
    You will find as you get older that your real education starts after any formal schooling, and some of your most important lessons will be learned riding around on that freestyle bike.


    I dropped out of school for riding!!!!!!!! Lol.. Plenty of great riders stayed in college got degrees and rode everyday..To name a few

    1)Adam Stack—now a bigwig at Budweiser beer
    2) Ed Nussbaum- Owns Sick Child Bikes
    3)Brian Tunney–I dont even have to explain
    4)Jay Jones- Teacher,Professor..

    You may have to cut back at times but I am sure you can do it as others have.


    The guy that works for NASA


    Remember, BMX is so easy, a Caveman can do it. 😆

    Now go out and ride!


    Sorry if I hurt anyones feelings did not mean it just f in with loudogg . just was not thinking for a moment


    Just for the record, I got the sarcasm.
    Just another reason for people to get agression out on a bike as opposed to the other insane things that are possible.


    bikes are great ..help with so many things in life


    Okay, I want to know what Rodney would be like WITHOUT BMX.

    Scary thought, lol. 😆

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