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    what’s up– i’m Dave pawlowski

    raced a little when i was younger at the dust bowl in deptford– returned to racing when i was 24– my third season in i broke my collar bone at the jack frost race and was out for the remainder, last year i only raced the jack frost and the vets day race. i spent a majority of my time with my daughter who is two now–

    but now she’s a little older and can entertain herself a little more and i am ready to get back to more racing– i was picked up by a frame company out of Califonia called psykopath, and am looking forward tothis season–

    i will mainlly be racing the state series and a few select nationals and regionals

    should be cool– see you at the races

    gotta roll


    dave fucking rules.. he can hang when we are in nyc geting drunk and bmxing all over the city


    when you race the dustbowl? I rarely missed a race there in 89.


    i still have my trophy from 89 from the dustbowl with the light in it.. haha


    I dont remember that trophy but to be honest I didnt ever pick up my trophies except at nationals.
    I dont think I lost a single race in 89/90 except Nationals.
    Cause all the fast older riders like Caveman didnt race Cruiser.
    I raced only Cruiser and almost always raced guys out of my class.
    Lucky for me Greg Garrity never raced me Im not sure I could beat him.
    The Allen brother I probably couldnt beat either, was out of Maryland but he also never raced me.

    Poor Rick Smith. I raced him the most and he was so close to beating me always. He was a good freind though, his parents were super cool, even been to their house.
    I remember this one guy (cant remember his name), he was cool, got so frustrated trying to beat me at Deptford he tried to take me out and crashed himself lol. No respect for us old men (I was like 27 then).

    In 89 I think I raced in a Shimano Jersey and Blue Jeans with huge white blotches from bleach (done on purpose) , then switched to Action Wheels when the new jersey was released.

    Whats everyones real name and what classes you guys race back then?


    Oh buddy, I’ve got pictures of you in the Shimano jersey and special Weinstetter issue tie dye jeans. When I get a scanner, when I get a scanner…..


    dave.. you still keeping the world connected?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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