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    I will take 25 motos every week.
    full gates of 8, which would mean 200 rider locals.

    Anyhow, mac and cave are right.
    It’s nonsense to believe that simply switching sanctions would bring in more riders.
    BUT, current mentality states:
    nbl riders do not like aba racing (exception and much intelligence to you and your son Mike, the old school way of thinking is just to race)
    aba thinks nbl riders are a bunch of medicore tards.
    There ya go that’s reality.

    If things were to work correctly i.e:
    the nbl had it together correctly the only logical choice would be to go nbl thereby making a strong union of a bunch of del, pa, nj tracks.
    BUT, the nbl works disjointly, proven by things such as a pa track wishing to join the nj state series.

    What Mike is saying when he says they both got nationals is the aba forked $$ to the track. The tracks get paid to run nationals. The TO backs off for the weekend and they get money, intelligent business sense for both.

    The only thing that matters in BMX right now is growing the local scene. That is it. That’s all, nothing else exists. Nationals willl exist because the sanctions use them to keep themselves alive. We feed the nationals by bringing in new riders. BMX continues to shoot itself in the foot because it only thinks about how to cut up the already VERY small pie of BMX racing.

    NOW, if NJ had a very strong state organization that would sit down and speak with other tracks about running a “mid NE series” or something to that effect maybe it would foster cooperation.
    BUT, then again that DOES NOT bring in NEW RIDERS.
    The only way to do that is to promote, talk, advertise and most importantly treat new people with respect.

    When I raced, two of the biggest tracks in NJ were Braddock BMX in N Bergen, and CJBMX in…well you know where…
    Anyhow. Braddock was aba, and howell was nbl. Now the 2 people who ran these tracks were also business people, and strangely enough I was friends with both of them.
    Nowadays the current mentality would be run the aba against the nbl and yadda yadda….what would they do?
    They would call each other find out when the big races were that the others were planning and make it so they ran in conjunction.
    aba triple pointer at braddock one weekend, nbl war of the stars in howell the next, thereby feeding the tracks.

    Be that as it may, the old days are gone and we are just about right back to GROUND ZERO at the local level.

    So we must start again at ground zero.
    Flyers everywhere.
    Posters everywhere.
    Shows at shops, malls, businesses promoting BMX ~Racing~ like we did BITD to promote freestyle.
    Easy to find information on BMX, this site is a MEDIA site, opinions stories. There must and will be a site to find hard factual information on racing.

    Most importantly and dammit this is the most IMPORTANT THING THAT I CAN SAY RIGHT NOW.
    Malaise is over.
    Look at Phil D, think he loves this? HELL Yea!
    Look at Rich Farside, I’m talking to him last night and he’s on the way back from the track after practicing and HE’S 40 YEARS OLD.
    Look at Cave, there’s more ideas brewing in that guys mind than 40 ouncers are brewing in Legends tummy.
    Look at Rich C…yea, everyone was ready to bag on Rich but ya know what….he’s stepping up in a big way.
    There are motivated people out here.
    And ya know what,
    “I’m missing my naptime”
    “I need to get home”
    “Can we hurry this up?”
    “Do we have to go over the budget line by line?”
    You can’t be half pregnant, damn right.
    Ya know what, all of us already gave birth, it’s called BMX, everyone here having fun?
    Good, want it to get better? Let the people who brought it to life run it.


    brett i like your mentality .. but we need more bike shops …. to get bikes to kids…. thats about it… and dont even try to bring walmart target in .. if you bring a bike from walmart or target to the track and see what the other dudes are running ha… you’ll run the other way.


    yo don’t be bagging on them beginners man, 😉
    you’re right tho..yoyo..

    And we have that bike shop thing covered as well.

    And you are the exact person I am talking about, a young dude pumped up on this and doing something.

    The adults need to infuse themselves with some of that, “you’re damn right we can do it” attitude.

    And ladies and gents Mr. Yoyo is working on his A+ cert and is Microsoft office certified and only 15.
    Seems like these young people know something.


    A big local scene is all that is needed. Period. NJ had some biggest tracks back in the day, because they were run by business people. Braddock, had bragging rights, as to fighting out with Orange Y in Cali, for the biggest moto count every weekend. How big was big, 60 to 65 motos on a Friday night, think about that, more than the recent Ironman had, a race that used to be like 120 motos.
    Why? Alll because of the local scene. Nothing to do with Nats.
    All comes down to working together!!!
    You have a bunch of gys here that have come back, and wanna make things BIG!!!!!!
    Sooner or later you have to give your keys to the car to junior , cause they are gonna drive anyway


    ^^^ hahahaha raiden that is going to be my new quote from now on …. its true and for 07 in NJ is going to be all about LOCAL SCENE … get ready…… because i am 8)


    dang, I was just thinkin the same thing.

    Sooner or later you have to give your keys to the car to junior , cause they are gonna drive anyway


    I always wonder why racers try to compete with the aba westcoast sanction when your on a more even palying field in the nbl.I say this because of the northeast weather situation compared to the wescoast aba weather.This takes a ton of money to competes with them due to travel distance of aba nationals.Look at the national schedule this year aba theres your sign.The local scene why cant the season start earlier say in march offer more practice nights for gates and track time.I coached footbal for 6 years and that was an everyday volunteer position.I truly understand the volunteer side of sports.


    See now I have seen it from both ends.

    You guys here are very very pationate about BMX. I loved being a volunteer at CJ and where ever I could. I wanted to help out the scene in NJ. It means alot to me to have my son race BMX just like I did when I was young. We made some great friends and had alot of fun hanging out with everyone.

    Now I move to AZ and back to Black Mountain BMX. They have the 40-60 moto’s 2 nights a week.(Friday and Saturday) It is insane out here. But I dont have that comrodery that I had in NJ with everyone. We have a NBL track here(actually 5 minutes away from me) and they struggle to get 5 moto’s a week? why is this? In my opinion the NBL track is alot nicer of a track. John(Track Director) is very very pationate about BMX and making his track a premiere track in AZ. But he has to contend with Black Mountain. They try and mess with his track, schedule multi point races same day and time as him.

    I think the whole ABA, NBL rivalry is BS. They need to grow up and just all get along!

    Sorry if this made no sense, it has just been on my chest since I moved here.

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