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    In the next 20 years all the Tech jobs will be 100% outsourced to India ,all the production of daily merchandise will be outsourced to China,all the Home Improvement Business will be taken over by South Americans. So it makes me wonder……hmmm what happened to the U.S.A?

    Recently we have Seen Major Corporations like Ford shutdown production plants and let go over 30,000 american jobs(and thats just ford). At the pace we are going as a country and the lack of production in the U.S.A… we are setting ourselves up for an implosion and invasion…………

    Regardless of how cheap overseas products are(not just price but quality also) if none of us have jobs how the fuck are we gonna be able to obtain these products???????????? Simple answer credit ………..yes living on borrowed time and borrowed money…………..We are all slaves the quicker the majorty realizes it the quicker we may be able to make a change………..If not my friends prepare to be telling your kids bedtime stories in Spanish after a fine meal of MaoCurry sandwiches at your local MaoDonalds


    dang man, took you long enough to get rolling here…
    he speaketh the truth lads and lassies….
    We’ll have a country full of doctors and lawyers we can’t afford to pay…


    I LOVE YOU talk about hitting the nail on the head

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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