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    I need an electrician and a paving guy…anyone know or happens to be either of these?
    Got some finishing touches going on.


    brett i have some but unfortunately i wouldnt recommend my paving guy…( dont hire friends either) all i can say is get it in WRITING… our contractors are prob too far away for you… but word to the wise….

    our electrician was great but he only “went by the plans”(even if it didnt make sense) so communication is #1. confirm everything before work is started… and above all..

    dont hire any relatives!!!!! bottom line is its not worth it.. haha believe me….. avoid the nightmare and get somoene with references and CALL them to check… there are plenty out there who are reputable just have to check references… bottom line if you dont want to spend $$ correcting their mistakes…my husb is in construction and said he is kicking himself for not checking some out….

    oh tell christine i have a ques for her will pm her about it….


    Hey Brett, a few hundred dollars, a couple of illegals and I have it banged out in an hour, ok there liverlips, we’ll come down and rap you in the head with a rachet


    Check your PM……I sent you a couple legal references………

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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