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    IF you knew there was 170 members here, mostly racers.

    as opposed to the yahoo goups
    EHTBMX 119
    CJBMX 18 All of these are probably doubles
    HCBMX 91
    NJBMX 113 or

    The NJBMX message board, which had 219, which a third of seem to be sites for dating foreign girls, buying drugs online or porn!!!

    Why wouldn’t you post going on here!!!

    Here are some reasons, “the crap that goes on here”, Ok may not agree with everything, but you are still getting the message out!!!!

    Or, you feel like you were getting picked on so you delisted yourself from the message board, like a child that didn’t get your way, is that someone you should have running things, someone that handle critisism


    The new njbmx.org will simplify everything. Instead of having 5 sites to go to for information you will have 1.

    This site is not affiliated with njbmx at all. We simply report the news, and express opinions.

    Sorta stinks though that for a long time no one took it upon themselves to question things for so long..


    Also, there is 170 members here but there is a lot more people who casually peruse our news section.
    Type new jersey bmx into google….


    question how many out that number are the same people ?



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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