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    Please post below all ideas for more efficiently collecting deposits for and better distributing the state jerseys for the presidents cup.

    If you want to complain about the current situation please do so in the registered user forums.

    Anything other than suggestions to improve the current situtation will be deleted.


    At the finals (state champ race), or at least going into it, you will know who is going to get a jersey, at that time I would take orders (that means 50% deposti). The only prob I would forsee woudl be any discount the State would recieve for quantity. But I would get no less than 50% as to make sure they were serious


    plus if the championship race were later in the season ( just say oct for example) people would know better if they were going to pres cup therefore wanting a jersey ( rather than 3rd week in august)so it would be easier.. on the down side i dont know if you have to have jersey orders in by a certain date… depends on what the turnaround time is once the order is placed.

    i agree with bill get the 50% deposit at championship( or as soon as possible) then collect balance at the awards dinner

    i still say distribute jerseys at the pres cup race. unless you dont care if the rider actually goes to the race. it used to be anyone could just buy a jersey instead of earning one and then for some reason they said you HAD to race the cup to get it. i dont see why it matters anyone wearing a nj jersey is representing the state who cares if they race the pres cup. what if the rider is #1 in their class but little jonny cant go to the race? he still earned the jersey. i feel anyone who participated in state series should be able to buy a jersey. if you go to the race then maybe you get reimbursed for it( like they used to) if you dont then you pay full price.


    Hold on…I said I meaning ME would delete posts it is no fair if you take them down yourself.
    And what was wrong with what Rich said?…
    Um, answer that in the registered side please…


    Ok here it goes, and I would like to personally add that Rich did as good a job as humanly possible considering the circumstances. And yes we have had LONG discussions about this whole scenario.

    State jersey deposits begin in march of each year on the njbmx.org website. (since, I assume, we are sticking with the “anyone” is allowed to by a jersey, which makes sense to me if you follow my logic below)
    (also I believe that jerseys should be a “profit item”, if a jersey costs the state say 40 dollars, they sell for 50, the 10 goes to BETTER THE STATE PROGRAM)
    Deposits can be done at ANY state race, and should be heavily promoted as such.
    A seperate receipt book should be kept for all deposits for jerseys to easily determine who has given money.
    A running tab of who has given deposits should be UPDATED on the njbmx.org website, preferably in a seperate page under the state series topic.
    The last time for ALL REMAINING BALANCES to be made on jersey is the weekend of the state championship, this means handing a check in at the race or paying via njbmx.org.
    If the state championship is moved to late sept – oct this means that all jerseys will be PREPAID for at that race. You aren’t prepaid you don’t get a jersey. PERIOD.
    Then the week following the race it is a simple matter of sending in sizes to the jersey maker and waiting the 4-6 weeks to get the jerseys and hand them out at the awards banquet.
    This now means that the state has ALL THE MONEY IT NEEDS to reimburse those going to the presidents cup.
    Now….how to easily reimburse that money for the jersey and race.
    Put the burder of responsibility on those who go to the race.
    What does this mean.
    Those who go to the presidents cup race show up with their receipt for the race in their hand and get a check for reimbursement right there. I would have to say it should be either a board member or track rep who handles this. Of course this means someone is going to have be allowed the responsibility of writing njbmx checks to those who deserve them.

    Most importantly and I CANNOT stress this enough you have to ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE what the freaking rules are for stuff like this. NEW people come in and are clueless, seasoned people begin to feel like they DESERVE to be treated a certain way…everyone gets treated the same or IT ALL FALLS APART. Advertise the rules, enforce them equally and that is that.

    Oh and for those who would like to hear something funny…this means I would not have gotten a jersey this year as I handed my deposit in at the november state meeting.


    Instead of worrying about money going back and forth give two state race coupons to the rider that goes to the pres cup. keep the money in njbmx.
    just a thought. if there really is a njbmx account.


    You just never stop with the good ideas do ya.


    I have a question and I don’t know if it has anything to do with this or not, I paid for my sons jersey and we did not make it to the pres. cup for personal reasons( we wish we could have gone) anyway, how do I get our jersey?
    No hurry, just wondering:?:


    Check your mail.

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