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    @bmxmom156 wrote:

    “the board has taken into consideration the persons nominated and have decided to remain on for one more year [in order to better facilitate the transfer to new leadership]”. (loren you do remember saying this correct?)

    Yes Debbie, I remember. It was a PM (that means private mail if I am not mistaken).
    Thanks for sharing though 🙄


    Great seeing the status quo being kept up Loren . Great job.


    private or public ..should all be accurate information

    when you tell me the board is staying on and says no elections then come on here and say elections at a later date… duh? people were formally nominated at a nominating meeting at the track. these nominations were supposed to be voted on and that never happened.

    so now when you tell me the board members are not holding elections and have decided to stay on for another year i am not supposed to tell the people who we nominated that this has occured? people who accept a nomination have intentions of volunteering and if the board had any decency they would FORMALLY contact those who were nominated and tell them PERSONALLY what is going on with the elections. it shouldnt be a guessing game.

    sorry i dont think that is right. i nomiated someone at the meeting so yes i have an interest in what happens, along with others who came to these meetings.

    why didnt you just post here what you sent me? i cant see a reason why if its all true. maybe the board should just post on there themselves then there will be no miscommunication in the future.




    I am in the middle of all this. Just trying to help (usually 😈 )


    there should be no “middle”

    you were there at the last meeting. communication was attempted and didnt go well.

    ask yourself why is that? now you are in the middle. being in the middle is a choice not an appointed position.

    lets talk on sunday its hard to see a persons intentions when typing….


    I am not looking to debate anything and not looking for a response.

    It makes sense to me that the people who are currently running things @ HCBMX in fact DO stay on in their current roles even though others have been nominated.

    Reason ?

    Most businesses would not get rid of their upper management in one fell swoop to be replaced by people who may have an idea of how to run things but have never actually “run the show”

    There needs to be a transition of sorts IMHO.

    If people have chosen to stay on for one more year as a transition then so be it.

    (the matter of elections and the process of them i cannot comment on since i do not know enough about that particular subject at the moment)

    To me, by individuals choosing to stay in order to show others the ropes that are getting more involved says to me the current people do in fact care and want to see the track continue.

    I am not taking “sides” with anyone or anything. i am simply stating what i feel to be the correct way for proceeding where the riders are least effected.


    Perhaps an off the cuff meeting with those new people who want to step up and some of the “old guard” this weekend in a neutral area may help things.
    Outside the state meeting of course.


    Thanks Dan, I agree 100%. I believe HC was even willing to send people to the CC in AC….but, well, ‘NBL’!

    I can honestly say that anyone who wants to step up is more than welcome. I have been told by both Matt and Jeff that their intention is to show the ropes to whomever wants to know.


    i think smooth transition was always in peoples minds especially new nominees, but before transition there must be communication..lets try to get some of the people together this sunday like brett suggested thats a first step.


    I think I see at least 2 gentleman who have an honest interest in doing the right thing…

    Congratulations to all jacket winners.


    Yes Loren,

    Around the Fall Classic time Jeff did mention to me about possibly sending me to the Competition Congress meeting being held in AC. There was nothing solid though.

    Again, im trying to take a “bigger picture” approach to all of this instead of looking at the little details. The little details will eventually take care of themselves with the proper approach.

    P.S. I scanned the flyer about the HC awards banquet to post up here but for the life of me cannot figure out how to post pics in here. So if anyone can give me dummy proof directions on how to put up a pic give me a shout. Its really starting to annoy me. 👿


    hey loren i think i might try to step up for the next season to try and get the track better since i’ll be there for the entire year unlike last year, and also yes there are people that help like loren, the smiths, and the transues, which gives them a right to complain about the track, but if you have only showed up for 1 or 2 races and never even bothered to come to a work day then just keep the comments to yourself.


    There is no need to stir up any dirt on here since this issue has seemed to have been put to rest.

    It would be appreciated if all inflammatory comments towards anyone or any situation be stopped.

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